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It's cold!!

Went out Thursday evening for W7R1 and it was mightily chilly. This morning out the house at 9am. Had forgotten to bring my buff thingy so was wearing my particularly attractive earwarmer/headband. During the warm up walk encountered several patches of icy path but managed not to fall.

Run started - I always find the first five minutes the hardest but it was ok. Then someone switched on the rain. Not just light, gentle, refreshing rain but cold, icy, freezing rain with hail mixed in for good measure. How mean were they!!??

But actually it wasn't too bad. I've run in the rain before but it wasn't so cold. The worst bit was stopping off at the supermarket to buy my lunch after I'd finished. Not an attractive sight!

W7R3 on Monday - nearly there! :-)

Have tracked out runs in my diary so I can check if I finish before Christmas and I do! (How sad am I?) Will be a great Christmas present to myself.

Have fun everyone!

V x

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Yes it was cold this morning going out, our road was particularly slippery. But it was great when I got to the bit that usually has a smelly squidgy muddy puddle as that was frozen as well!

Keep going and enjoy your early Christmas present!


Well done, it certainly was cold this morning. I went shopping after running on Thursday and spent more time dodging people I knew than actually shopping!! Good Luck with wk7r3 look forward to reading about your graduation before Christmas!! :-)


the wife bought me a head torch, brilliant, I can do my normal run again . the one section was too dark to run safely have visions of twisting my ankle and sitting in a puddle waiting for somebody to come along.


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