Tried the treadmill this morning

So, although the weather been really mild and dry here, i've been worrying about when it gets icy so I decided to try a treadmill at the local gym this morning. I did 45 minutes and the machine said I did 5k but my trusty garmin said 7.5 (and its usually right).

It was a different experience I must say. I didn't like watching myself run in the mirror, there was no wind in the face, or rain, or people to nod at and dogs to avoid. No sun on the face or the sound of the sea in the ears. I think i managed to go so far due to the lack of different surfaces and inclines in the roads i usually run. I was bored of my usual route but not as bored as on the treadmill.

Although it was nice to sit in the Jacuzzis afterwards i'll be saving the next experience for when its icy.

Happy Running


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15 Replies

  • Needs must sue especially at this time of year. I don't mind the treadmill once I get going. Just get the right playlist sorted and away I go. The treadmill is good for speed intervals and inclines! Hard but good.

  • Might get the iplayer app out ;)

  • the jacuzzi sounds like a nice treat to make up for the boring treadmill ;) And its a good alternative to the icy roads - not nice at all to be slip sliding away (S&G) instead of running.

  • Definitely! !

  • I joined a gym as it's not the best place to run in the dark round here (no pavements or streetlights just twisty roads and fast cars). I've managed to avoid it mostly as I'm a student and often around during the day, but tonight I had to use the treadmill :-(

    I agree, I hate watching myself in the mirror, I'm quite aware of all the bits that wobble without seeing them every time I look up, and I almost didn't recognise the bright red face staring back at me, puffing and panting! I'm still on the C25K (W7R1) so only ran 25 mins (2.1 miles) but was bored. Like you, I much prefer the views and the wind (even the ice and rain). I found it was much harder than the last 25 mins I did, but having said that, I must have pushed myself more as I wear a heart monitor and my pulse was much higher than after my usual runs.

    There is a pool, but there were lessons going on so I didn't even get to go for a swim after. Oh well, Wednesday will be outside, unless of course, it's snowing…

    Have fun


  • Let's pray for a mild winter hey.

    Keep running ;)

  • And miss the fun to run in the snow?

  • I'd be too afraid of falling over. There's not many bones I havnt broken *(

  • barefoot, You could always explore the other pieces of equipment there and build your self confidence. It's a question of appraisal. As you improve your fitness, you feel better and you won't mind looking at yourself. I think that people who come to the gym, male or female, old and new are all doing some wonders with themselves. Take courage, keep going, it's good for you. You'll be surprised of the result. Mic

  • the jacuzzi bit sounds like a nice reward :)

  • Defo


  • I've recently joined a gym (love Combat and Spin) but occasionally I do a run on treadmill. Yes, it's not the same. I'm enjoying the Christmas lights in our neighbourhood at the moment which makes up for night-time runs but I making progress on my 5K time at the gym by upping the speed at the 5 minute mark and trying to keep up a higher pace for 1 minute every 5. Then 1:10 every 5. Then 1:20 every 5. Seems to be working.

  • That would be great for alleviating the boredom .great idea thank you.

  • sue, I think your idea is an imaginative alternative! I have bronchiectasis (lung disease, so I don't run outdoors. I know what you mean about the sun and the sea, as I live along the Thames estuary. Still I find the light of the gym and its warmth more appealing than the icy road which impedes my breathing. By the way, while you are at the gym, feel free to explore the other equipment. I did part of c25k on the satic bike; but because I just bought myself a flute. I switched from the programme to ride some and do some weight lifting to train to lift my flute which is heavy! wonderful you. You can also listen to music at the gym to keep going. Well done and keep going! Mic

  • Gosh mic how big is your flute?

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