Week 2 done

Well w2r3 is done. Today kind of seemed as if everything was against me. First of all, it's icy and freezing, probably the coldest day we've had so far this winter, definitely the coldest one I have been out in anyway! Secondly, as I was getting ready I discovered my phone that I have all my apps and run related stuff on (music, podcasts, blah blah blah) was not accepting my earphones for some reason. Just wouldn't recognise they were plugged in. So that was a bummer. But never mind! I put on a jumper to deal with the cold and took my phone out to time the walk/run intervals instead. Then I got to the park that I usually run around to find it was closed for essential tree maintenance....so I had to run pavements instead. Not going to lie, I didn't relish the idea of running on pavements and streets where it wasn't just dog walkers watching me huff, puff and wobble through the exercise but also people in cars who may actually *gulp* know me. Ew, Anyway. I did it. I went out there in the freezing cold ice, I timed myself and I ran on the streets. And I had to negotiate a surly workman who was confusing me in my post run cool down haze. To whom I smiled sweetly at and continued home. And now I can relax and enjoy the post run glow, feeling quite proud today. And week 2 is over, and as was the case for w1r3 too, it was quite enjoyable actually :)


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13 Replies

  • Well done. when you have so many obstacles to over come- your effort should be twice as much celebrated. Im only W2R1 under way....

  • Thank you :) Well done to you too, on my tail haha. How did you find it? I found the first run of week 2 horrendous, I felt awful!!!

  • Going out in a minute ... need a push out the door its cold and dark... : {

  • Good on you!! I have been doing most of my runs on the treadmill to justify the gym membership I have paid for so long. I did go out once in week 1 and today I did my first run of week 4 and went outside cos the weather was lovely.

    It does feel good being outside. I think if I could just get over the inhibitions I would prefer it. I did pass a couple of women having a chat on the path who looked at me with much bemusement as I huffed past but I got a wave and a smile from a cyclist :) so I guess he knew where i was at.

    Enjoy your post run glow.

  • Well done, it is cold today but I'm going out for the same run later. Don't worry about people you know seeing you, you're doing much more for yourself than anyone in a car! And many of them will be wishing they could run like you. Keep it going!!

  • Well done, I've just completed R2W2, very cold when we set out but soon got warmer! The 5th 90 sec run was tough but found we actually ran further than R1!! Even had another jogger (who passed us twice) wishing us well.

  • Do you go out with someone then? I've had a friend and my boyfriend talk about running with me but I'm a little dubious about it at the moment, how do you find it?!

  • Yes I run with my daughter, she moaned during W1 but even she seems to be enjoying ( right word?) W2.

  • Well done! Forget your inhibitions, soon you'll be like the rest of us; out there in all weathers in neon reflective lycra, smiling at everyone (well, mines more of a grimace at times) and loving your fantastic new achievements even more! This is the best fitness program out there; I spread the word to whoever, wherever I can! :-)

    Carry on enjoying it; keep posting and good luckl! :-)

  • Just read your post and it has made me chuckle, I too feel I little embarrassed as I huff and puff my way round the run. I am on w2r2 and although I can't seem to regulate my breathing properly I am thoroughly enjoying the runs. I am hoping the ground isn't too slippy in the morning as i am really looking forward to r3. Good luck with w3.

  • I don't know if this is technically the right way, but I find I have to really concentrate on taking in a full breath and breathing it out too, if I don't do this I get stupidly out of breath! even when I'm out of breath I try to do it too. Wk3 begins tomorrow, bit nervous actually!!!

  • Let me know how W3R1 goes tomorrow as we start it Friday good luck !!

  • Blimey you must've felt like the gods were against you! Well done for getting through it. I finished week 2 tonight in similar conditions plus I had my doggie with me. That post run glow is great isn't it? Good luck for week 3 x

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