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W5 R3 - in the bag!!! Hurrah!!


Very pleased with myself that managed to run for 20 minutes - even in the pouring rain!!

Mr Kohli said it was more about attitude as the program had built you up to be able to run for 20 minutes. Wasn't sure I believed him but thought - right let's give it a go. Set off and when Mr Kohli started speaking thought I must have run for at least 10 mins - but no it was only 5!!!! 15 more minutes to go - Gaaaah!

So slowed down and kept going. And I did it!!!

I've never run before and am amazed at how much I enjoy it and actually want to go out - even in the rain!! I am becoming evangelical at telling my friends and encouraging them to try it as well.

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Amazing. Well done 👍

AdeleT7 in reply to TJMazz

Thank you 😊


Whoopee 🎉🎉🎉 well done 👍🏻


Oh my gosh 20 minutes non stop? Already?? I did W5R1 yesterday and was very happy with that, but didn't realise what I have coming at the weekend!! I'll be over the moon if I manage that one. Have never run before either and am really enjoying it too!

AdeleT7 in reply to siobhp

I know- it was a shock for me too. But I'd looked ahead so knew it was coming. R2 is 2*8 minutes.

But - as everyone on here says- trust the programme and go slow. I am amazed that I can do it - and that I enjoy it. And my friends are as amazed as I am!! You'll do it and you'll feel fab afterwards.

siobhpGraduate in reply to AdeleT7

28 minutes?! I need a lie down just thinking about that. Going out later for W5R2....slightly nervous now!

AdeleT7 in reply to siobhp

Hi - 2 runs of 8 minutes - you'll be fine. And its a nice day for it. It was chucking it down when I went out.

Good luck with it. Post how you get on.

siobhpGraduate in reply to AdeleT7

It was good! This afternoon heading out on R3 and am actually looking forward to it now!

siobhpGraduate in reply to siobhp

Actually I think I was so relieved that it was 2x8 minutes and not 28 minutes as I had thought that it seemed really easy. Maybe that's the trick, build yourself up to something harder and then it's easy in comparison!

I really surprised myself by finishing w5 r3 it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. You'll be pleased I was.

siobhpGraduate in reply to Nalashera74

You're right, I'm delighted! Amazing how this plan works!


Well done you! The way to go...is slow:)


Well done you, a massive achievement :)

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