Slow walk run with man flu

Thanks to Nurses JuicyJu, Mossy and Misswobble I was spurred on to go for a walk/run today. Very slow first mile but in my defence I was running through dark woods before sunrise. Got into my stride a bit in the second half but tried not to overdo it as my nose was streaming making it difficult to breathe - might have been the rain.



Cold, dark, rainy, slow, sweaty, wet and foggy under the trees.



Nice to get out and hear the owls

Running with my trusty pathfinder

I went out

I got to run for the first time in 6 days

I wasn't on the couch

It'll kill or cure my man flu


Running - the positives far outweigh the negatives - just do it - you know you want to ;-)

Happy Friday running


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22 Replies

  • I warned you!!! I don't know if you fully understand the seriousness of your illness!!!

  • Thanks Bazza. Feel really good now even with this serious illness

  • Dear Dear!!! You MUST NEVER admit that!!!!! You are going to ruin everything for the rest of us!!!!

  • Time for a relapse ;-)

  • Ah well done! ;) I <3 owls! :D

  • Well done, bet you feel great for doing it! I loved my early morning summer run, not so keen on the dark :-(

  • Well done, bet you feel great for doing it! I loved my early morning summer run, not so keen on the dark :-(

  • Thanks Caroline69 Glad you enjoyed your run. Running with a headtorch is tricky.

  • Lovely jobbly, sounds like a great outing. Glad you did go out.

  • Indeed I am glad but sneezing again now

  • Wow good for you! It is very hard to judge when you should or should not run with a cold ... but hey! you survived it :) It is lovely to be out in the early morning isn't it? I too went out at about 7am after having a week off due to family wedding etc. It was a joy to be back on my own. Btw, I think your negatives are pretty awesome as well. I love running in all weathers. Hope you continue to improve ... mind you, you wouldn't dare not with the nurses you have in attendance :D

  • Thanks Beforefifty. I know what you mean I'd never have thought I'd enjoy being out in the rain getting soaked. As for the nurses - this is the best forum to come to when you need a bit of positive encouragement ;-)

  • Great stuff! Glad you managed to drag yourself of your sick bed and get out with the dog and have a run. Bet you're glad you did. Apart from the nuisance of a snotty nose, the positives outweigh the negatives

    Get a good chilli or a hot curry to help clear those nasal passages. Yummy! Make one full of good things and dive in

  • Thanks MW had kedgeree last night (extra curry powder) - fajitas tonight extra hot salsa (all home made ;-)

  • I wasn't fibbing I am a real nurse, although no uniform now... And so glad you got out there... Bet that feels better?? In my experience man flu is the most difficult illness to treat ;)

  • Thanks Nurse JuicyJu I think you'd said in the past you work in the NHS. THANK YOU! we need dedicated people like yourself and thanks for getting me out the door. Reckon I will be on the mend now

  • Now wondering what a panther in a Nurses uniform looks like. - It's all good

  • exactly as you imagine ;)

  • Sounds like a nice, sensible & indeed positive walk/run. Well done for doing it, I'm sure the endorphins will help heal your man flu:)

  • Thanks MarlyParly

  • I'm glad you set such a good example for me. Wk6 run 3 done and I'm a runner and I only had to blow my nose 4 times. You're my hero!

  • Superb well done DownNotUp you're getting closer step by step. Glad to have been of service

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