One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

I am mad. Officially. My 82 year old mother told me so it must be true.

I went to visit my parents In Ireland last week which was lovely but I couldn't read a single post as technology doesn't live there. I got the daily emails on my phone ok which was tantalising but I couldn't open them which was frustrating. I missed you guys and missed what everyone was up to so have lots of catching up to do now.

Anyway the good news is that I managed to get three runs done on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday which I'm delighted with. Sunday's run was lovely. Weather was crisp but sunny, I met 3 other runners (!) which I rarely do at home as I usually run off the beaten track a bit, so I get a bit excited when I see others out and about. All very friendly as you'd expect in Ireland (mostly!)

Tuesday's run was a different matter altogether. Made an early start, weather was very cold, damp but not raining and very windy. That's OK I thought I'll get the winter kit on and I'll be fine. Was aiming for a nice steady 5K, do half to the traffic lights and then turn for the other half. Warm up walk lovely, did a few stretches, jumps, kicks, etc to get the blood flowing, then off I went for the first 2.5K. Thanked the running gods! I had the wind behind me and it was literally pushing me along! Fantastic. It made the run so much easier. But you know what I'm going to say. I had to turn at the traffic lights and run into it on the way back! Oh er.

OMG, it was so strong that at times I was just standing still. But I carried on determined to keep moving. I was managing OK, not fast but OK and then the running gods decided to throw a strop. It started to sleet! Not rain, sleet. Straight at me. Big, hard, cold drops of icy fingers lashing at my face and body. This was hard. I had run in the rain before but this was completely different. The wind made it all the more icy and at times I couldn't even breath! Drivers were looking at me probably wondering who this mad woman was running in this weather. I used to be one of those drivers.

But then a revelation. I was loving this. They were sitting nice and warm in their cars not going very fast at all. I was out there facing the elements and loving it! I run with epic orchestral type music (you know the stuff that you go into battle with!) and I really did feel like a warrior. Me against the elements. Yes! This is what it's all about I thought. Exhilarating!

I didn't have waterproof clothes on and I could feel the sleet make its way through my layers and to my skin. But I didn't care. I kept going until I'd done the 5K then a 10 minute walk to my parents' house.

I was taking my shoes off at the front door when I heard my mother's voice, " you are absolutely mad".

"I know" I said "but I love it". She looked at me as if she didn't really know who I was anymore. I don't know who I am anymore! My face was pink and tingling from the wind and sleet, my nose was streaming, my thighs were actually numb and quite painful and when I took my leggings off they were so wet you could wring them out! But you know what? I absolutely loved it!

I was on a high the rest of the day. Talk about addiction! I've got it bad.

PS It's great to be back.


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46 Replies

  • Great post IP! Well done on those runs. Be proud of being mad! I love the idea of running to epic orchestral warrior music - fantastic!

  • Thanks Babs. I think lots of us are mad here!

  • great great post irish :D looking for some of that warrior music right now :D

  • Thanks Rob. Two Steps From Hell does it for me. They produce music for movies and games so it's a bit Game of Thrones'ish which I love. If you're interested I'll send you some of the best for running.

  • Thanks that would be Great :-D

  • Try these Rob. Ear phones in and volume loud. Listen to the end as the best running bits are usually after the first two bars. Hope you enjoy them.

  • Oops. Ignore the first link. Don't know what happened there.

  • It is a kind of delicious madness isn't it? Good job you can share with us all here who absolutely get it!

    Well done! A real trooper:-)

  • I knew you'd get it! Only other runners do. Non-runners look at you as if you've lost the plot. Thanks Ullyrunner.

  • what a beautiful blog...I am so with you there..... I bet that was wonderful to get out so often...and I love that film :)

  • Thanks JJ. Yes I love the film too. Very sad.

  • >" I don't know who I am anymore! "

    Ha, I love it! :-)

  • It's true though! If you'd told me two years ago that I would actually enjoy running in ridiculous weather I would have said you had the wrong person!

  • Fantastic IP. Definitely a bit mad but then so are all of us. True IrishPrincess warrior running through sleet and shine ;-) epic stuff just missing the war paint !

  • Oh you've given me an idea. Must get the war paint on next time! Thanks GF.

  • Sounds hideous yet fabulous?! My kind of insanity :D

  • Love it! Hideous yet fabulous! That about describes it!

  • Fantastic post. Really enjoyed reading that. Thanks for sharing your epic run with us.

    I know exactly what you mean. Ther's another element to this running lark too I think. I now feel much more in touch with the seasons. I'm thinking about how the weather will change over the next 12 months and what the light levels will be, and what my running will be like. I've never been so aware of the weather and the seasons before. Strangely, I dont think negatively about the inclement weather, its just a different chalange. The only weather that really concerns me is icy paths, as that may force me to not run. It's weird, its great, I love it :)

  • Thank you so much Zev. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes I agree, running really puts you in touch with the seasons but I'm not sure about icy paths either. Don't want to fall and get injured. But as you say, another challenge!

  • Brilliant post Princess, really enjoyed reading that. Fab stuff and yes, I get it totally :-) xxx

  • It's like a secret language isn't it? Only us runners get it. Pleased you enjoyed it Poppypug.

  • Sounds absolutely wonderful! Glad you can enjoy the rubbish weather for I hear there's going to be a lot of it over the next few months.

  • Oh goody goody!

  • What a brilliant post :) I couldn't help but see you as a Valkyrie riding against the storm lol :D Happy running :)

  • Oh er. Thanks hillbean. Not pretty but invincible!

  • I'm shivering just reading that!

  • The hot shower afterwards was just the best!

  • Hilbean is right......Ride of the Valkyries at full bore.

    You're mad.

    We're all mad.

    Great isn't it?

    Keep running, keep smiling

  • Yep mums are always right!

  • Oh Irishprincess.......! I'm loving the sound of the epic orchestral music!! Sounds like you had a humdinger of a run on Tuesday!

  • It was as if I had my own soundtrack flossie! Fab.

  • Brilliant post IP. Loved it! I know that Irish sleet so well having lived there when I was a kid. It's vicious!! Nice to have you back.

  • Thanks Dan, glad you enjoyed it. Oh we could be cousins!

  • That's funny Princess - Southern Ireland is more tech advanced than the UJ cause of the Celtic Tiger - or maybe your parents don't have internet - just thought your post was giving the impression that Ireland is backward when it comes to technology

  • My parents live in the North ziggy but it's nothing to do with the area, they just don't have Internet access. Hence my withdrawal symptons at not being able to read the posts!

  • You're mad? We're all mad? Ride of the Valkyries at full blast, count me in with a bit of Zadoc the priest, I'll have some of that! Brilliant, well done you! we are Spartan! Never back down!

  • Gosh I'd like to go into battle with you Madge! Way to go!

  • Anytime, anytime! What made me smile about your post, was it reminded me of a run I did very early on in the programme, I went past a lady younger than me who looked very professional in her running gear with full make up on, yes, full make up, I did wonder what would happen once she got all sweaty, and God forbid it would rain! Anyway, I beleive at some point in this programme, I don't know when, a switch gets thrown and we suddenly relish the rain, the feeling of wind blasting your face and the frosty starts. I actually went out one day when it was already raining, it was one of the best runs I have had. All hail the madness, don't you just love it!

  • Make up when running! You just wouldn't. Maybe she didn't get sweaty. I did see someone in the gym once with full make up and I was mesmerised. Why? Maybe it was the same lady.

  • Fab post IP, you've described everything so well, what an addiction to have! Aren't we the lucky ones! x :-D

  • Thank you no-excuse. We are indeed very lucky to "get" the secret.

  • Great post. And even greater run by the sounds of it!

    I think there is a fine line between the running addiction and madness when it comes to running in the wind and rain, and in your case sleet lol

    That music is brilliant!! I must get me some of that downloaded on to the ipod - I can foresee victory in my '10k before xmas' goal running to that !!

  • Thanks scawbyplace. Glad you like the music. If you want more recommendations let me know and I'll message you.

  • Great post! At least the addiction is a healthy addiction! Love the idea of the warrior music...need to download some of that for the iPod.

  • Thanks ginbin.

  • IP well done Mrs! Give it some welly! Be proud to be mad! I am! We all are!

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