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W1 R2 I now have a fondness for rain!

I've not been feeling 100% today and as a result my breathing wasn't quite as good as the first run but I finished it!

Don't know whether it's the rain but I felt cold before I'd even finished my warm down?!

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I haven't run in the rain yet... but I can see how it would have a cooling effect! Great job finished the second run!!

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Maybe a little nasty bug... keep warm and well done:)

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Thanks Oldfloss

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Go Minnow! I've not run in the rain yet, but no doubt it'll happen now we're into Autumn! Hope the fact you felt cold doesn't make you feel bad. X

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Thanks Snodi! I'm sure it won't be long 😂 It's amazing how wet I got considering it was only raining lightly! When are you running again? x

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SnodiGraduate in reply to

My next run is tomorrow night 😁 it's looking likelythat it will be in the rain now too! 😂 x

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't lash it down! Good luck with your final run for W1 :) x

Well done Minnow! I've bought a light, rain proof running jacket, makes the joy of rain running even better when you're not soaked to the skin.... 😂

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I went for a run in the rain on Monday evening and it was refreshing.

Ah your first run in the rain, it's a rite of passage I think :) Well done for keeping going. And actually I find that the rain doesn't bother me, other than I have to take my glasses off. It cools me down, and my clothes are going in the wash afterwards anyway and I have a post run shower, so I just stopped worrying about it. Keep trying to remember to take some shower gel with me, kill two birds with one stone :)

Well done, and hey, you've nearly done week 1 now, I've been there recently, and you can be justifiably very proud.

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Thanks Neil. Haha I like your idea....a shower on the go! My neighbourhood might not appreciate it though :)

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