Better late than never?

A metaphore for my life at the moment? At the ripe age of 49 I'm finally losing weight, exercising regularly and horrror of horrors enjoying it, and posting a blog here where I've been lurking in the shadows since early October.

I just completed week 7 this morning and could so easily have talked myself out of it, a stressful few days, poor nights sleep and it was a balmy -2C. But no, the new me dragged my sorry bones out of bed and just got on with it, and I'm pleased and proud that I did.

Week 8 starts Monday - bring it on :-)

Thanks to all the regular bloggers who are so positive and supportive, your comments really help (even when directed at someone else).



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  • Hi Jax, wow it's a period of many firsts for you! Well done on them all. We're at the same point in the plan :) although I didn't do my last run in -2!! Brrrr! Good on you for not rolling over and staying in bed. It's nice to have you on here, good luck for week 8 on Monday and hope you keep us posted.

  • Welcome,Jax,out of the shadows but almost a graduate. I also find the comments on this forum really supportive with lots of useful advice. I look forward to reading your next blog.

  • Hi Jaxat, bloody good work! I am only on W3 but struggling to progress due to a job/shift change. Keep going and good luck, Ed

  • Welcome to you, Jax!! Well done on your progress through the program!! It sounds like you are doing wonderfully, keep it up!!!

    Best Wishes on Week 8!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


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