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Stepping Stones - forgotten about throwing up feeling!

So I did the stepping stones podcast for the first time this morning - last few weeks after graduating have increased my running time but still not at 5km- and decided had to be brave and up my pace.

Well the walk was faster than usual for a start!! And then we began at 150bpm - that was my usual flat out pace!! When Laura increased this to 155bpm I thought I was going to throw up - and I havent felt that way since week4!!!

Anyway 20 minutes in the rain really started to come down hard - that was all I needed to head for home - so didnt do my full 30 minutes - but boy was I faster today!!!

Feeling very pleased that I did keep up for most of it - and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I just need to keep getting off that couch (or out of my bed given it was a 6am start!!) :-)

Anyway have just read @vixiej blog - and apparently 160bpm was too slow!! But they did talk about thinking about giving Laura a slap when she gets too "motivational". Whilst being a compete pacifist usually - I am going to pinch that idea to keep me going that bitl onger on Thursday :-) and I have to say I would recommend the podcast as having Laura going "1,2,3,4" in your ear really does help - honest ;-)

Happy running all - and hope no-one too flooded here in the UK!

S xxx

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Well done at going out. I woke up at 0610 this morning and press snooze on the alarm only for my husband to shove me out of bed reminding me that it was the only time i'd be able to go for a run till the weekend.

It was cold, windy and I was a bit reluctant but i opted for stepping stones too.

Well done for gettiing out there it would have been all too easy to roll over and stay in bed


my other half doesnt even stir when the alarm goes off at that time in the morning!! But agree well done both of us for getting out there :-)


Yeeeeah! Virtualrunner-you did it! So pleased for you. I find the same as yourself that the counting really does help me. I was all over the place the first time I did it, but the second time I did keep the beat, and so proud of myself. Speed is lovely too-interval running using the same bpm as stepping stones., but joining them up, and your "rest" is slowing down to 155bpm. Really loved that. I went onto Stamina, thinking I would enjoy that-far from it; it is grueling!!! I also injured my knee because a dog rushed me from the front that I had to avoid right at the end, and I carried on running, when I should have stopped then and there. So, out for the past 3 weeks. Saw my osteopath and back in position, but will be a while before healed as I've torn a tendon. Overall he was pleased with my progress, and the muscle upload, accounting for no shift in weight loss for a few weeks.

Well done alliec too! :-)

Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


So sorry to hear you are injured Colette- but sounds as ify ou will be back to it soon and making great progress with the plan! Thanks for tips on speed and stamina - cant believe I am even having a "discussion" about running - am a changed person!! - off to Centre Parcs with family this weekend - packing my trainers :-) (Other half beginning to think I have been body snatched!!)

best wishes and hope to hear your running stories again soon,

Susan xxx


Ha! Ha! Body snatched is a very good phrase, Susan. Yes, even I cannot believe the change in my body. We went out to Bournemouth yesterday shopping for my wedding outfit, although our son's wedding isn't until end of march. Ended up in Debenham's-as I always do! Found a lovely outfit, and the assistant suggested I try it on and asked for my measurements. Oh no, I'm sure madam is a size smaller than that-and madam was!! Yeeeeah! What a boost.She also said she envied my curves-what! I have always had a waist, despite being overweight-but yes, more defined now. Walking, or rather, limping on air when we left the department.

Have a really great time at Centre Parks Susan-it will do you good. Enjoy running a new route too.

Looking forward to see how the weekend went :-)

Colette x


I love Debenhams - they are just great -and what a marvellous boost - well done you! - suspect we are rather similar- I have a waist but big bum & thighs accentuate it ;-) hoping to be at least a size smaller by the time my brother gets married next year - will be expecting to see pictures of your outfit :-)

Will let you know about CP!!

Susan xxx


Ahhhh! A fellow indeed! I hope to be down by another size by the wedding. The outfit won't "bunch" at the small of my back then, and will look great.

Yes, I'm a very sad person :-(, always end up in Debenham's. It's the only store where everything fits everywhere. I've short arms, and even the jumpers cater for me. I usually buy from Eastex, but couldn't see anything I really liked, so this number is from Jacques Vert-and i found again the fit was so good. The funniest thing was the assitant tried to get me to have a hat-now me and hat's don't get on, because I've got a small head circumference. She tried, and tried, but even with the buffers inserts the hats still came over my eyes, lol!! Ended up with a Fascinator, same as I did for my daughters wedding. The hat for that lies languishing in its box still. It would have worn me, not the other way round so bought a Fascinator at the last minute. Lovely hat too-never worn.

I'll post you my email address via your messages Susan, then I won't miss your blog re CP.

Colette xx


Really well done. I had a really unsuccessful first bash at Stepping Stones last night, and just couldn't get my legs moving fast enough. Still, something new to aim for :-) I totally identify with the memory of earlier weeks! I was shattered after 20 mins and ended up walking home with a bit of half-hearted jogging thrown in. Still, we both know it gets easier, so enjoy the next time :-) FF


I did it again this morning - still not making the 160 bit at the end - but feeling very pleased with myself that am running faster overall - and keeping at it. Well done you too for getting out there- and yes it does get easier - eventually ;-) s x


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