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stamina podcast - i hated it!!!!

Just did the stamina podcast as I wanted to try something different. Up until now I have just been going out and running my 5k and trying to pick up the pace a wee bit when I feel able to.

I did manage to stay on the beat of the podcast most of the time but it felt so weird. I actually think the first 20 minutes the pace was slightly slower than my usual pace but I still had to stop and walk for a couple of minutes. I've not done that since I graduated 3 months ago. It wasn't until the last 5 minutes when she (Laura) said we would up the pace to 160 beats that I felt I was running more naturally. Now my immediate thought is, it was just too slow for me, except I am really not a fast runner and take about 35 to 36 minutes to do 5k.

The other thing is I have been running 'naked' for the last few months, so no music let alone Laura. Culd that be the problem? Any ideas about what went wrong? Experiences to share?

I tried the speed podcast just after i graduated and didn't like that either... maybe I need to try them more than once!!!

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I find running to the beat very difficult (I'm musical but obviously can't be at all coordinated!). I also think that the bpm is relatively slow for me, and end up in a kind of slo-mo almost hovering in mid-air kind of running action. Have you ever tried working out your bpm while you're running without music?

I've done a couple of these work outs again after a break of a couple of months and found the whole thing a bit better, so maybe try again, or try a few times then give it a break and try again.

I find it is kind of nice to have some sort of structure to a run with now and then but don't do it every time.


I found exactly the same as you. You think at first it's too slow. It's not though when you've been running for a bit and are tired. I got on much better with it the second and third time. I alternated with Stamina and Stepping Stones. I hated Speed and Stamina but the second time I ran Speed I loved it, so I guess that's the key. Happy running


I think I will have another go and see how it pans out next time. At least I know how it works now, and what to expect. I will try the speed one again too, hopefully I will have a better experience :)


Thanks for replying. I have never tried to check my steps per minute when I am running 'normally' but will do that next time I am out. Be interesting to see how that compares with the podcast.

I am going to try it again though as I agree a bit of structure might help bring me on a bit.


I think the structure of Laura just helps me keep focussed so I feel I'm doing it properly. LOL


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