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Stepping stones podcast 😩

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Thought I would have a listen to Laura and the stepping stones stamina podcast. OMG I thought I was going to peg out.

I can comfortably run 5k in just under 30 minutes thanks to the C25k app but the pace of this podcast was too much.

I ended up stopping when she suggested UPPING the pace after 10 minutes. That was it and my run turned into a shambolic stumble around the streets where I couldn't then run for longer than about a minute at a time.

So disappointed in myself 😞

6 Replies
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I tried it too after I graduated first time,as i only got back into running a few weeks ago so back to week 6, however i was exactly the same nit sure i even lasted 10mins!!! Then i had to sliw down & i gave up as felt far too fast for me! So i went back to running the 5k and incorporated hills well wee hills to buid up stamina! I congratulate you on Running 5k in under 30mins as that is brilliant πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸƒ

I am glad someone else finds the same. I couldn't use the 5k+ podcasts as they are all so fast. I can't quite do 5k in 30 mins, but around 35min. But the speed of those for me works out around a 5-6 min km which I cannot sustain. Particularly when I tried them right after my graduation. I tried taking very small strides, but wasn't particularly helpful for me, though I know there are some people out there who really like them.

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Don't be! It is an odd one..I wrote a post on it.. because I found myself doing a weird shuffle dance to it! It is really funny! I did three runs using it and then went on to Stamina and Speed..

Use the next couple of weeks to do some consolidation 30 minute runs.. longer and slower and some faster routes too maybe.. maybe try some intervals or strides and then start trying the stamina and speed podcasts.. I love them both. They are so good for building up our running strength and can as time goes on be incorporated within other runs !

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Stamina...ooooooo....... i find that one soooo hard.

But you are speedy so you will get there! Just use it occasionally and try to get further each time without stopping. Have fun!

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Stepping stones is a weird one, you might want to try shortening your stride.

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dont be disappointed in yourself, these podcasts are tough and the beauty of them is you can take them or leave them... you could always come back to them later if you fancy it?

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