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Consolidation Run 4 -- On the Stepping Stones😀


Initial plan was to do a steady 4k of about 30 minutes or so but had a last minute change of mind and decided to try the post C25k Stepping Stones podcast. The run consists of 3 phases :

10 minutes at 150 BPM

15 minutes at 155 BPM

5 minutes at 160 BPM

and by my reckoning would more or less take me to the 4k anyway🤔

So on with the Brooks Ghosts for only the second time and back onto the disused railway line. Decided to head North for half of the time and then turn round and back to hopefully just past where I had started from. So off I trot to the beat

Straight away I thought I was running quite fast but hay ho

After about 1k discovered the track fenced off at a bridge so couldn't faff trying to get around it so turned straight around and back

Beat increased to 155 and I'm trying very hard to keep up. Trying to keep my head up and dropping my shoulders as Laura says and hitting the beat

Started to get a bit of a tweak in my hamstrings as if things were stretching out but must keep to the beat....

Dare not look at my watch. Concentrating on trying to hold my form and breathing really deeply. Beat increased to 160......and fighting to get my legs to follow but follow they did

Came to the end and stopped my watch and took a look. Couldn't believe it to be honest. That's the fastest pace that I've done by far..and I thought this was going to be easy!!

Recommend post graduates give this a go as it does push us slower plodders on 😂😂👍😀 and good tips on the way to better your running technique.

Only downturn was the 3k walk back to the car 😂😂😂😂😂

Promised to make the next run an easier one!!!!

4.52k / 30:03 min / 6'39"

Photo shows new HS2 line cutting across landscape parallel to the path

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Well done! Interestingly, I’ve downloaded this podcast, too. I saw a post on it yesterday and my curiosity was piqued, but when I heard the 1234 beat it sounded so fast I think it’s beyond me.

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to Jools2020

Well it's not is it because you run at 165. I've just tried to post up the data but the image was terrible. I'll do it another way but off to work now...👍

Jools2020Graduate in reply to MontyMooDog

You’re right. I think I just might give it a go! It’s a consolidation run, not a pass or fail situation. If it doesn’t work for me it’s not the end of the world. At least I will have been out running. Look forward to seeing your data! 👍

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to Jools2020

I think it was hard because its relentless. When I run normally I think I adjust my cadence subconsciously but with this you don't get a chance to ease off and rest up😂 But I guess it's like anything else. 12 weeks ago I was puffing and panting jogging on the spot in the garden to see if I could run for 60 seconds!! I'll give it another go in a few weeks and see how I get on then.

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to Jools2020

Ps just done the maths. My stride length has increased by 9cm to 97cm. Not sure if it's my Brooks trainers or me running faster.

But a comparable run by you at 77cm stride length would take you to 3.6k

And you can comfortably do that in 30 mins..... 😁

Jools2020Graduate in reply to MontyMooDog

That’s a great increase (maybe I should try some Brooks running shoes 😀). It’s true I could do it. I might just carry on like I am and see how it goes, with the aim of 4K then pushing gradually to 4.5k and then 5k over the coming weeks. It’s difficult to decide what to do for the best.

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Jools2020

Personally, I think you have a good plan as it is , 4k.... 4.5K .... 5K

Sounds like a plan to me 😁

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to Jools2020

I thought you've done 4k??🤔

Jools2020Graduate in reply to MontyMooDog

Yes, but I’m trying to do it inside 30 minutes. Then gradually extend the time.

Jools2020Graduate in reply to MontyMooDog

Maybe I shouldn’t worry about that - just extend the running time anyway.

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to Jools2020

It's entirely up to you but a mix of long, slow runs and shorter, faster ones would increase both your stamina and speed.

Jools2020Graduate in reply to MontyMooDog

Thanks. I need to rethink my plan 😀


Yes! So glad you gave Stepping Stones a go and smashed yourself run!

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to PhoenixRise

Yes. Glad I gave it a go and very surprised at the end result. I think you have to challenge yourself now and again and not be too disappointed if it doesn't come off. The worst that can happen is you slow down or stop but you've still had a run. It's good to mix things up a bit too in my opinion as that keeps the interest going forward 👍😁

Ooh, I've downloaded that too but thought it sounded a bit beyond just atm. Might try repeating week 9 for my first week of consolidation and then perhaps follow you on CR4 - like the sound of the beat to keep you going (bit like step aerobics ;-)) so long as it's not too fast :-)

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to ThisGirlNowRuns

Ha ha. The music is a bit to be desired but there are good tips on there as running form is quite important as we move on. Maybe get a few more runs under your belt and then give it a go. You might be surprised like me lol😂😁


I really need to get a sports watch!! This sounds like something that would be good for me!😀

MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to Ellaloux

Yes give it a go. Watch this space for a new 5k initiative coming soon hopefully.👍


Really informative post and thanks for the link to stepping stones - I’m definitely going to give it a try and as Jools said if it doesn’t work for me it doesn’t matter it’s just something different to try and see how you get on. 👍🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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