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Not a good day :(

Well today i decided i would do w1r3, things didn't go as planned. I started my warm up and was doing fine until the first jog. I became very dizzy and light headed. My best guess is I didn't eat enough before I went out. I have a very nervous stomach and this week has been close to the most stressful of my life. I tend to eat less when i am stressed due to having a stomach ache. So the plan is to catch up on my eating and try again tomorrow. I have disappointed myself today :(

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Don't be downhearted devo. Make sure you eat AND drink before going out, but don't eat anything more than a banana in the last 2 hours before going. At least you know that exercise is very good for reducing stress levels.

I hope that whatever it is that was causing the stress is over now :-)


Thank You


go easy on yourself devo...stress is horrible :/..but one thing i have found, and NEVER thought i would say this is that i find running good for de stressing - i think because i focus on just keeping my legs moving and listening to laura and the music, i get to take a little time out of the situation

you had a bad run today - i have had a few, i think most people have.

So try again tomorrow or in a days time.

If i dont eat i feel awful, so have to plan to eat at least an hour and a half before and drink too.

Dont be too disappointed - you have started the plan and thats a huge acheivement. :D :D

Please let us know how you get on and good luck for your next run :D


Don't be disappointed you went out and tried, you should really eat and drink before you go out and in general drink more water. Good Luck with your run tomorrow, you can do it


All good advice, but I really have to agree with Titch! Go easy on yourself. It was a bad run. No one died, no ones favorite pet was smashed by a large delivery truck and you didn't lose your favorite beer mug!! I just mean let's keep this in perspective. You are having a terrible week and you aren't eating or drinking properly so it was reflected in your run.

Take a day and regroup! Get some nutrition and make sure that you are well hydrated and forget about this run. It happens. Most all of us have had similar experiences. It is just one run.

Most of all...HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!!!! You can do this!!

Now, go have several glasses of water and a good meal. I love the banana suggestion. I often have a banana before a run. Get some rest and give it another go!!


Keep Running!! :-)



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