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How to know when getting out for your run is NOT a good idea!

1. Gents, this one doesn't apply to you so ignore it! Don't run first thing on getting out of bed if you have spent the whole (very hot) night tossing and turning with the "menopausal sweats" and are tired.

2. Gents, this one also doesn't apply to you unless you just sweated anyway because of the heat. Don't run first thing in the morning if you are dehydrated because you spent all night etc etc etc...

3. You might be able to ignore number 2 if you got out early enough know to rehydrate with enough water to keep you going through a very hot run without it all sloshing around in your stomach and making you feel sick!

4. Don't run if, just before you were going out, your stomach started cramping signalling toilet call, but middle son has just got into the shower, and because you aren't lucky enough to have more than one loo, you decide to ignore cramping tum and just get out there anyway!

5. Don't run if, as soon as you step outside the door, the heat is already radiating up off the pavement and this is at 8.24am!

6. Lastly, if you've ignored all of the above and went out for the run anyway, you have no-one but yourself to blame!!

Just thankful that son was out of the shower when I got home!

You might have cottoned on that I didn't have a good time this morning...night times are definitely working out best for me right now, but we're out tonight so I had to get it in this morning. Two weeks today till my 10k event, no slacking allowed!


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Don't be so hard on yourself the time is still great if you ask me! I can relate to the bathroom problems though, nearly been caught short myself - luckily we do have a second toilet for emergencies! Not nice when you haven't slept well either, hope your next run is more pleasant :)


oh carole, you poor thing! sounds like you had a rotten run & ignored all the signs that you should have had a lie in! cant believe the 10k is so close now. have you already signed up for something else afterwards??

my legs have been twitching all night long (or at least felt like that every time I woke up). I have got to stop watching the olympics. now that I do this running lark I am even more in awe of everyone that competes but am finding that I am reliving the races in my sleep. but with me being the athlete running hehe. you should have seen me as usain bolt :) I was amazing...


Oh, well! There are runs and there are runs... Don't worry about today's run, but thank you for the advice! Perhaps you could pass a new rule in your house that says that no one can have access to the toilet till you have gone out for your run 8 )

I need to go early for my run, if I don't, I miss it completely. I have 3 boys that keep me busy most of the day!

Please, when the time comes, post on how it went your 10K!


Hi Shelley,

You are still with us!! I haven't seen you about for ages. Yes, I have my eyes on a half marathon in Truro in September but I will very shortly need to start building up one long run a week if I am going to do it and I seem to be running out of time. A little concerned that it will aggravate my knee but if I don't try, I won't know.

I have up till the end of August to enter the form for Truro so I think I may just see how I feel nearer the time.

I know what you mean about the Olympics - we are out tonight but I bet old Mo Farah won't be struggling to do a 30 min 5K!!!


Reply did your run REALLY go? lol!

You were still blazing at that pace! Nice effort, Carole.


Oh pooh boo or should have said boo hoo (sorry) It has been said many times, you should always listen to your body, that includes your bowels!!! :)

Have you heard they are going to have a Pensioner Olympics in 4 years time I've already signed up for 10K ;)

. . . . . . . Forgot to say I have very vivid dreams some nights, I am through to the selection stage :)


I've decided the best way to deal with sweats is to run through them then I can blame the exercise and not the hormones! :)


Blimey - you did well, especially with all those problems going against you. Well done !


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