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Ouch - not a good run

I've had two frustrating runs this weekend.

The first was yesterday when I managed 5k but had to keep stopping to walk because I was too tired to carry on. Each time I walked I paused Endomondo so I made sure I did run a full 5k - and amazingly I actually did it in a personal best time of 33m 46s so I must have been running parts of it faster than normal. But I was still disappointed with myself for the walking.

Then today I wanted to try an interval session. Because doing week 1 would have meant I had only run for 8 minutes I decided to jog the five minute walk before running the 60 seconds and walking the 90. But I had a technological breakdown because my phone wouldn't let me access the podcast - or any music at all - so it was my first run without "support"!

I quickly got tired again today so after I'd done about 5 intervals I decided to gently jog home with a couple of walks. Then when I wasn't far from finishing my left leg just really started to cramp up along the inside of my calf, running down to my ankle. I'm not sure what muscle this is but I've been told it is a very difficult one to stretch and it has been hurting for the last few weeks after each run just not as badly as today.

I hobbled home very slowly complaining miserably to Mr Locket about how much it hurt (he was very kind and patient!) and then put ice on it when I got back.

It isn't hurting as much now but I think I will be resting it until Running Club on Wednesday.

Hmm, a frustrating end to the weekend.

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Sounds like you do need to put your feet up and no harm in it!

I have noticed that I tend to have a slump week and just go with now and just it now rather than fight it after reading in one of the more recent runner world that we should all have a week where we taper from our routine, so now I don't feel guilty and it is what my body is telling me to do after all.


wish I proof read that first - forgive the poor typing!


I think I'm being greedy and wanting to run two days in a row when all the advice says to have a rest day. I wanted to run yesterday to make up for having been out for a large Sunday lunch! ;-)


Don't be disappointed with the walking intervals in your run, at least you've been out running eh? I've been experiencing the same for the past week or so, I head out running and some days I'll hit the 5k mark, and others, I'll get to about 2k and unwillingly stop, walk for a bit, run for a k, walk, run for a km; rinse & repeat. it is disappointing when you know you can do it, but like everyone says to me, at least you went out and run!

Well done :)


I know it doesn't really matter if I walk a bit because as you say, at least I'm out there running, but I always get worried that I won't ever be able to run again without stopping. I know that's silly but it is largely a mental battle to keep going and if I start giving in to the "I'm tired and want to stop" voice then maybe the "No you're not, keep going" voice will get drowned out!


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