OOH!! Not a good idea

Planned out a one-way 10K run/walk to an area that is slightly unfamiliar to me -- ending at a small shopping centre , where my wife could pick me up and we can have a coffee!!! I knew that the coffee shop was at the top of a bit of a hill-- but didn't appreciate that it was at the top of a 60 metre rise over 1.5 Ks - and I thought I was doing so well after the first 8.5K!!! :(

Lesson learned -- don't plan a run which finishes in a big hill!!!!


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14 Replies

  • Ha ha, great idea, sorry about the hill! Sounds like a great place to run home from though if you can get your wife to drop you off there...

    I have to say that I'm not sure I'd be fit to be seen in a coffee shop after 10k - even at my newly discovered "easy" pace, my face remains beetroot coloured for some time.

  • Actually, I have also discovered that this route is very good training for the Sydney City to Surf - which has a hill around the 6 klm mark that goes up 80 metres over 2 klm ( they call it Heartbreak Hill) Todays route has this hill at 8.5 klm mark ( 60 metres up in 1.5 KLm) but it does actually go a bit further for another half K. The strange thing is that I seem to run/walk at almost the exact same pace regardless of whether the route is flat or hilly???? I didn't listen to the pace on this run -- but when I got home found that it was almost identical to a completely flat 10K that I did along the shore of Botany Bay in Sydney last week!! :)

  • Ah, well perhaps it IS a good idea then. Can you start nearer (perhaps at the coffee shop and do a there and back route?) so that you get used to the hill and then build up your distance before the hill? Really sounds like almost perfect training for your City to Surf route.

  • Good Idea -- I could start the route a couple of K's closer to the hill, so that I hit it at about the same position as I will hit Heartbreak Hill in the actual race - this would mean that I will run down the other side, but this is also what happens in the race where the last 4 ks goes from top of the hill down to Bondi Beach !! I will work on that!!!! Thanks

  • good training though...bet that coffee went down well after all that?!

  • Iced coffee made with milk and icecream -- does that count as a diet drink??

  • Maybe not, but sounds good!

  • Milk is said by some experts to be the ideal recovery drink! :)

  • I doubt it - but it sounds delightful!

  • Well done sounds a good run... and you did it! You may not have even tried if you'd known in advance! I'm all for sneaking up on yourself and achieving things before your mind has time to notice :)

  • I love the sound of a run that ends up at Bondi Beach! Congrats Bazza - you're making such progress!

  • Well I have only just done my first 5k without feeling like I was doing serious harm to this old bod so being able to run 10k is still just a dream. It might have been a struggle, but you did it. Respect!!

  • Or alternatively, you could try that hill, or a similar one, occasionally as extra stamina training. I have to climb 60m in 1km to get home on every run. Sometimes I walk this last km if I've had a hard training session (speed intervals or a longer tempo run), but usually I run it slowly.

  • Great effort going for that 10K. Bet you were ready for a break when you finished.

    I agree, hills are so much harder when running. I hill walk whenever I get a chance. Long legs, a good stride and technique and I just walk up them. Running, that is a whole different ball game!

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