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Not a good start

Can anyone recommend a podcast that'll allow me to listen to the music and actually hear the instructions at the same time. My first two runs have been a shambles, although I did my best to keep going without being able to hear anything. On day two I ended up running the first set longer than I should have because I heard Laura tell me to start but then ..nothing! That was the longest minute of my life!! I ran/walked fir what seemed like a minute each but after hearing no Laura for so long I thought I had mistakenly downloaded week 9. By the time she said well done, just as I got my key in the door.. I had been ambling around for 40 minutes.

I didn't do the parkrun on new years day after all. I didn't have the energy for it after being ill over xmas, and a lump had come up on the back of my knee as well. I took a walk down to the prom and power walked instead. Hoping to get back into the swing of the programme tomorrow and make a fresh start, Laura willing. Must download the podcast again and make sure I have the correct one this time.

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I did the same, I was lucky in that I listened to some of them and realised that the first three were garbled, just a bad download I guess.

I hope you have a better run next time.



I've been using run double with no problems, you have to pay but it's only about a pound.


I use the get running app - couldn't get the nhs podcasts to download properly on my iPhone.


If you can hear the music but not Laura chances are your earphones need replacing. This has come up a couple of times on here before and it's always been an earphone fault.


Or sometimes the jack is just the wrong way around. Some headphones can have plugs in both headphones end and player end. If so try switching the wire around!


I would also suggest the C25K app from RunDouble. Gayle and I both used it when we did the program. It allows you to run with your own playlist. It lowers the music when it announces when to run, walk or stop and then returns it to the previous volume for you to run to. It also can vibrate if you want it to when it does an announcement. I do believe that there is only one week that is different from Laura's program and that is around the W7 or W8 mark. It either has you run and extra minute or one minute less. It was no big deal to us! it also uses the GPS on your cell phone to track you. You can upload to their website after your run and save all statistics and even see a map of your runs.

I hope that this helps!

Keep Running!! :-)



That sounds pretty much like everything I would liike Steve. I am interested in the run mapping so that I can keep a record of how I am doing. Thanks for the advice


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