Not a good run - time to listen to my own advice!!

I knew that today and next Monday were the only two days I was going to be able to fit in runs before my 10K race next weekend. As I can't run before late afternoon without getting migraines, I got on with my Saturday, and started thinking about running around 6pm.

As usual, I made my bottle of sports drink, and headed off upstairs to get changed. I really didn't feel like running, but thought I'd get changed and that would get me in the mood. It didn't. For the first time in months, getting the kit on and doing the stretches didn't make me want to go out.

But out I went. And I was determined to put any negativity behind me and enjoy the run.

The first 10 minutes were very hard work, and they always are, but it didn't get any easier after 10 minutes. In fact, apart from a few brief intervals which I did enjoy, it was a hard slog all the way round. My legs felt really heavy, very tired, and very achey all the way round. I knew all the way round that I was going slower than usual too, but I just couldn't push harder. After about 2.5K my route brings me very close to home again, and I nearly gave in then. But I carried on. I gave up all thoughts of completing my now usual 9K, and just tried to get to 7K.

The run gave me plenty of time to wonder what the problem was, and it's very simple. I hadn't drunk anywhere near enough water throughout the day. I always have a big bottle of homemade sports drink before I go out, but that isn't enough to make up for a day of under-hydration (for me, anyway). So I was basically dehydrated, with a belly full of liquid. Lesson learned. The day before the 10K next week I'll be making very sure I drink enough throughout the day.

Anyway, how many times have I written cheerily on blogs here "It was just a bad run. We all have them. Put it behind you and enjoy the next one :-) " Time to follow my own advice, methinks...!


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10 Replies

  • When I read this I was going to ask what you had eaten...but it was dehydration. So now you know! Thanks for sharing, I'll try to avoid the same pitfall.

  • Thank for sharing, I'll be more aware of what I have or have not drunk next time I have a bad run... What do you put in your home made sports drink?? I don't like the bought ones so have been sticking to water so far...

  • Mine is basically diluted orange juice with some sugar and salt added. 250ml orange juice, 750ml water, with 4tsp sugar and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt added (I dissolve the sugar and salt in a bit of hot water before making it up to 750ml with cold).

  • Apparently sports drinks are a waste of time unless you're an elite athlete. You are better off with plain water.

  • Skimmed milk is better at rehydrating than plain water though...

  • I think what helps me is the salt, which you lose a lot of when you sweat. As for sports drinks, I really didn't like the bought ones, but I find the one I make helps a lot. I've had far fewer post-run headaches since I started drinking it before and after every run, and I've also stopped craving water all evening after running.

    Everyone is different though. That's just what seems to work for me :-)

  • Absolutely - don't listen to anyone else, just do what works for you:) Glad you figured out what it was. Look at it this way, it's a lesson you have taken on board before your big run, which is great! I hope it all goes well and I'm looking forward to your celebratory blog of success :)

  • Thanks for the support! :-)

    I really wish I could just have a glass of water and head on out, but it just doesn't work for me.

    The race is less then a week away now...!!! Eeeek!

  • 175 calories in that drink. Personally I'd rather drink water and an extra 175 calories in food as part of my dinner.

  • 175 calories in that drink. Personally I'd rather drink water and an extra 175 calories in food as part of my dinner.

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