I really enjoyed that!!

As it was very misty this morning and the fields are awash and very muddy I decided that I would have to run on the lanes where I live. Dodgy in the mist so decided I would do the Speed podcast. Short but dynamic.

And I really enjoyed it. Little legs - I am only 5 foot 3 inches tall and shrinking with age - pumping for 60 seconds and then less so for a further 60 seconds, at one point I even felt I was doing an impersonation of Michael Johnson, such was my leg action.

The best bit is that it was shorter than I usually run yet burns up more calories. I am now looking forward to the home made mince pie I made yesterday with no guilt. Happy days.

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  • Well done! At only 5 foot tall I can appreciate what you mean with the little legs! Since graduating I have just been plodding along doing 5K but would really like to get the time down to 30mins. I'm a long way off at the moment but will give the speed podcast a go this week and see how I get on.

    Keep runnning!

    Susan XX

  • Try the Speed podcast Susan I swear by it for getting strength and stamina built up and reducing 5K times too. Its what I have called short and sweet for ages now and I love it.

  • Great oldlady! I'm gonna have a bash at stepping stones tomorrow -- I'm only 5'3" so little legs usually plod along and overtaken easily by various examples of eye candy during my 5K trek -- keep on running xox delia

  • Aaahhh good things come in little packages Delia, I'm 5'1" tall but at least we don't have so far to fall if we trip up! :)

  • Wise words Oldgirl :-)

  • Another 5ft 3incher here too! Unfortunately no eye candy around yet that I have come across........! Will have to keep 'em peeled!!

  • I tried speed one a couple of weeks ago, totally agree with you, it is great and does leave you feeling like you did a lot of work in the time. I hope you enjoyed your home made mince pie!

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