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W4R2: done and enjoyed!

Good morning one and all. :-)

My apologies for this being rushed: I'm in the midst of getting ready for work. I want the Bank Holidays back! :-(

Well, this morning was my second run of week four. The 'dreaded' run 2. I decided I had enough of this dreading the second run, like I have in the past; I just started, yesterday, a book called "Hypnosis for Running" by Adam Eason. I'm only part-way through the second chapter but it's all about the mental approach to running, as opposed to most other books which concentrate on training plans and so on. So far so good but as I say, I've only just started it, but it looks great. Anyway, as with anything, positivity is the key; dread run two, or any run, for that matter, and think it will be bad, and one more or less talks themselves into a bad run, So, before bed last night I got a piece of paper and wrote the following:

"Week four

Run two

WILL [circled for emphasis] be GREAT!

You'll ace it and will have a blast!


and I stuck it on the mirror, and until I fell asleep, told myself that I'd have a great run this morning. The note was the first thing I saw this morning when I woke up. And you know what? It was probably my best run yet. It was hard work, but I really, thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd have enjoyed it more with a nice but of cooling rain, but that's okay. The stitch that hampered me through W4R1 was sort of present; it kind of made itself known, that it was there and that if I overdid it, boy would I know about it. Sort of a semi-stitch, if you will. It went really well and from now on, I'll be nothing but positive about all the runs - they are what we make of them, after all, I've learnt.

I went a bit too far out so still had a bit of a distance to go before I got home, so I did a bit more than was strictly necessary (naughty me) but it still went well. In the mini local park as I went home, on one of the loops. I decided to put in a speed run. (Naughty me.) I set the stopwatch and off I went at full throttle, returning to the start 56 seconds later. Exhausted. But fully euphoric; my, did I ever enjoy that little blast. Put in a further five-minute cool-down walk to get home and that was me done.

Not sure why I didn't get as much of a stitch today; I still ate, at around 0415, before leaving: a rice cake with peanut butter spread thinly atop it, and a thin slice of banana malt loaf, and some water.

Talking of books, I'd be interested to hear what other running books other C25Kers are reading/have read/would recommend. I've got four that I plod through for advice, plus magazines; every piece of information helps!

Once again, my apologies for the rushed essay.

Happy running everyone! :-)

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Well done Miles for completing the second run.

Must try this positive thinking as I struggled this morning. First couple of runs were ok but the last 3 min run legs started to get heavy and the last run I was all for giving up. But I persevered and although I did not run as far as Monday I did not stop.

Lets hope Friday goes better.


A very well done to you too, Redskins. There's been times too that I wanted to come to an abrupt halt and give up, so I know how you feel, but you kept on with it, so really, well done for getting through it. Friday will go much better you'll see! :-)


Thanks Miles - I hope so. I was walking to work this morning thinking this time next week our next run is the 20min one!!!!!!


Oh how lovely that sounds! But I'm sure it will be fine when we tackle it! Once you've completed C25K, are you going to run-commute to work?


Morning Miles. We have no facilities at work to shower, so will have to settle for a brisk walk instead. But it sounds a good idea though


Thank you! :-) Yes, I decided I wasn't going to dread it and that it WAS going to be a good run! I'll let you know what I think of the book as I plod through it; it looks really fascinating. The author specialises in hypnotism and motivation for runners, and is a runner himself. Hmmmm, I shall have to check those books out, thank you for the tips. I'd heard of Run Fat Bitch Run but not the others. My other running books are general running manuals/training plans/guides, but are really good.

Thank you, Kitty; looking forward to tackling week five next week! :-)


Well done Miles. Run 2 is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Will take the dog again as he now seems to be talking to me (well....not talking...yiu know what I mean I hope)

Might try your motivation trick myself. It might be necesary. As redskin says, the biggy is only a little more than a week away.

Good luck with 3


Thank you! :-) You also: very good luck with run two! Positivity is the way forward, I think - worked for me! And yes, I know what you mean, honest! :-P


Well done on your second run of week 4. Sometimes we really do have to trick our brain into these things. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Thank you, Fitmo; I shall report back on how it goes! :-)


Lovely blog... And I love the note to yourself :)

I have to admit to getting giddy excitement before a long run... Just thinking about the journey and the way I will feel... Then nerves just before. I dip in and out of research/ reading but I'm totally inspired by ultrarunners 'paceonearth' who I follow on Instagram...I've also just 'grown up' having approached running with a child like manner till now. I got away with it to complete regular HM's but if I want to be an ultrarunner I need to grow up!!!!

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Good day, and thank you! :-)

I don't think there's anything wrong with approaching things with a child-like manner; it doesn't mean one can't take things serious too. An odd combination, I know but I approach most things with a child-like silliness (I have a very silly sense of humour!) but still take things seriously as well. Take things too seriously and grown-up and the fun can vanish! The two can be combined very nicely, I feel! :-)


Well done Miles_Yonder :) I did mine too and found the run easier, but I have got a niggling lower back/right butt cheek problem. Oddly, this seems not too bad when I run, but makes me limp when walking! I'm hoping it will have settled down for W4R3 tomorrow, or I shall be taking the vodka with me! It's great to know that there are several of us on the same run; makes me feel a lot less isolated when I'm out at 6am. Good luck tomorrow, and keep us posted :)


Hey Treemouse! I hope the niggly pains have eased; I've picked up a few too which hopefully will go soon. They too seem to ease when actually running! :-/ I'm guessing it's normal though, what with all the stresses of running being new to our bodies and system. I like too that there are a few of us at the same stage of our runs; we're all in it together and it's good to have the support and motivavtion of others! I hope your W4R3 went well! :-)


Hi M_Y, yes, the run went well, and felt much better due to painkillers :) I got absolutely drenched but I quite liked the professional/die-hard/drowned rat/serious athlete look! Haha, if only! How did you get on, and are you looking forward to Monday?


Good evening! :-) I'm glad run three went well and that the painkillers did their job! I'm of the opinion now that in taking-up running, no-one can escape the aches and pains. I thought I was doing well avoiding them, then they started appearing, but painkillers are sorting those too. Today's run was hard work and a bit of a struggle, but I got through. I'd have liked more rain though; I enjoy it! I do like the serious athlete look too, drenched and happily chuggling along! I am strangely looking forward to Monday, yes. How about you?


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