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W8R2 - i enjoyed it!!

I found W8R1 awful - struggled with my breathing (which has never happened before) and generally hated it. Made myself go out today for R2 and I loved it - I think I was running a bit slower but at the end I ran for 5 more mins and it felt good.

I ran about 2.3 miles in the 28 mins and have been worrying about doing £5k in 30 mins but I think I will just have to make that my next goal after I graduate next week.

Still can't believe I can actually run for 33 mins - I am grinning from ear to ear and my boyfriend (who was very sceptical) is very proud.

I have loved reading everyone's posts about the programme and it has made the experience so much better x

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Please don't worry about running 5k in 30 minutes - many of this ever achieve this! Sounds like you are doing just great!


Please don't worry about having to run 5k in 30mins, you only need to run for 30mins, that's what the plan builds up to, 5k will come later in your own time, there's no pressure! Btw well done for getting where you are, some runs do feel awful, it's just your body adjusting...


Sounds like you are doing just brilliantly and gradation is almost in sight! Keep it up and good luck!


You are doing great. I think by the time I graduated I probably wasn't even running 4k but slowly and surely my times and distances are improving. All that matters is that you are out there running :-)


Great work Emma!! You r so nearly there!!!! Keep it as slow as you need to. You will graduate before you know it.


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