Pigs can fly!!

I am fast approaching 50, very overweight and, apart from walking which I have been struggling with lately, haven’t exercised in a very long time.

My first run was almost my last as I struggled to run for 10-20 seconds. I thought pigs would be flying before I could run for a whole minute... that's 60 seconds!!

W1R1 ~ Work commitments (end of school term madness) meant that I couldn't run again for a couple of weeks. So….. last Monday I decided to give it another go, with no real work commitments for a few weeks and free time so no more excuses. I dog walk for charity and rather stupidly did a couple of miles dog walking in sheering heat before I tried my run. Nevertheless, on one of the hottest days of the year, I ran..... I think I made 30 seconds in one stint. I completed the run hot, bad tempered, gasping, fly bitten and wondering if I had triggered the onset of the menopause given the amount of 'dripping' I was experiencing from my face. I'd also used a tracking app on my phone so now I had a record of how I'd performed...... and a benchmark for what I needed to beat next time. Yes, I was hooked and couldn't wait to try to beat my performance next time!

W1R2 ~ Similar conditions to my previous run, hot. I tried my best to slow my pace, which seemed to work, I managed 2 x 60 second runs this time. My times were slightly better, I was feeling much happier.

W1R3 ~ Same route but a little cooler and I managed 3 x 60 seconds! Now for a big decision, do I carry straight on to week 2 .

W1R3revisited ~ I decided that I wasn’t confident carrying on to week 2, and couldn’t wait for my next scheduled run…..so went straight out the following evening. I chose a flat route this time and it was much cooler. I was amazed to manage all but one or two full runs.

W2R1 ~ Still delighted at managing most of the runs last time I decided to push on and try week 2. My usual planned route was occupied by training army cadets so I decided to run a flatter route across moorland. The change of terrain I really enjoyed. My first run was less than 60 seconds so I really slowed my pace for the following runs. I managed 2 x 90 seconds tonight and am absolutely delighted. Pigs CAN fly!

I ramble on…… but I am so excited that I am slowly progressing and getting a little fitter by the day.


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11 Replies

  • well done... it's all about slow progress, it comes, i promise you!

  • well done!! Keep going you're doing great (as Laura would say!!) I'm 52, chubby, unfit and menopausal with all sorts of nasty side effects which have slowed down my progress on the program, but I'm about to start week 5 tomorrow. I can't really believe it - feel great, have more energy and have noticed my clothes are fitting better (not weighing myself though - too depressing).

  • Keep going. It took me 7 runs to complete week 1 but since then it's been much easier.

    Build on your success so far and stick with the plan; it DOES work.

  • Wow, well done! I'm sure you can keep going, because you've already proved to yourself that you can achieve so much, even in such a short space of time. So imagine what you can achieve in nine weeks! Good luck!

  • Keep going!!When I started the program I thought running a minute would be a doddle-60 seconds is not long right?But it IS hard!I'm overweight too,but have so much more energy now.I am on week 6 and I NEVER imagined I would be able to run for 20 minutes non stop but I did and so will you!It isn't a race though,so take your time and if you need to repeat a week then do it.Keep blogging,it's so helpful to know you're not on your own!Good luck and enjoy the holidays!

  • Well done for doing it at your pace and not putting yourself off. That creeping sense of excitement that "hey I might just be able to do this" is fantastic

  • Well done! Listen to your body and push it just a bit further than what you think you can do. The program is amazing and it works! Hope to see you with a graduate badge in the near future!

  • Well done indeed! It certainly isn't easy and I think a lot (most? All? ) of us doubt our ability to get through but it's such a good feeling when a run goes well. Trust Laura, the plan, and the brilliant people who support each other on this blog site. It doesn't matter if it takes a bit longer, but keep going and I'm sure we'll all have that graduate badge one of these days. Good luck, keep in touch.

  • You are a real inspiration! I must get my sister to read your blog. She makes soo many excuses. I am on wk 8 and loving it. never thought I could run for 60 seconds let alone 28mins! x

  • Yay well done Piglet! Nice to see another local on the site - maybe I'll bump into you one day.... ;0)

  • 4 x 90 seconds run last night..... I must have looked a bit of a twit grinning from ear to ear for my warm down walk.

    Thank you for all the lovely supportive comments, it really spurred me on, I wanted to be able to come back and post that I had improved. [:)]

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