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Week 2 run 2, tough for me

I did the run last night with my husband and just like the other runs I find myself in tears of joy, I am so happy to have this program! I dread the run right before I start but I feel so amazing when I have finished.

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Hi Winnie

Well done to you, that is excellent. I am going to do W3R3 when i get a chance.

Yes it is tough but stick with it, its very rewarding. Especially when you enter a race.

Like me you may not be competitive but its great fun! Ed


Brilliant, winniemae. You are doing so well and your are right every run brings such a feeling of joy and accomplishment. Keep on running. Jan


Good for you Winnie! The sense of achievement and well-being after a run is incredible isn't it? It sounds as though you've been well and truly bitten by the bug! Good luck for the rest of the programme! :)


hey, I finished W2R2 tonight - ooft i felt it was tough too. keep going :-) we will get there A x


Awesome for you as well AFL77, would love to track your progress since we are at the same stage, I am doing wk 2 run 3 on Thursday, thanksgiving day here. Thanks to everyone for your support you have no idea how much it helps me along. Bren


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