Week 7 - tough 3rd run

I haven't posted on here before but have been following from afar and inspired by all the support I have read from everyone. I completed week 7 this morning and I'm really not sure why but it was the toughest run so far. I was ready to give up within the first 10 mins - but I didn't! I think I was getting a bit too confident and reality hit this morning. Just two weeks to go so I hope I am able to pick up again - feeling a bit deflated. 😔


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7 Replies

  • Well done and try not to overthink it and certainly don't feel deflated.

    Some days are better than others and at this, early, stage of your running journey, just the slightest thing can make a run feel harder than what has gone before.

    Take the start of week 8 nice and slowly and I would willingly bet that you will be on a high after the next one.

  • I hope so - thank you.

  • Well done getting to week 7. I'm sure it was just a tough run and you didn't give up which is awesome.

  • You are doing so well please don't give up after all you have achieved. We all have "bad" runs. But, as many on here say, no run is bad because you are out there moving. I ran Monday and my legs felt like lead weights. I ran last night and they were alot better. Plus the first mile is always horrid no matter how long you have bwen running.

  • Noooooo lewiscally ! Don't be deflated! You're doing so well! Google 'the toxic ten'! Once I understood why I was going to be knackered and ready to give up within the first 10 mins of each run, I dealt with it better...xx

  • Just googled it - I feel a bit better about it now. Next run Saturday so let's see. Thank you.

  • Some you win.. and some you half win... :) Well done you... That toxic ten.. it gets to many of us .. but you just take it slow and steady and you will get there... honestly.

    So very close now, just carry on, one foot in front of the other, heading for that podium ! Party time awaits... McFitty has it all in hand :)

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