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Week 6, Run 2..... really really tough!

Yesterday, I did wk6r2 and it was ridiculously hard for me.

I decided to have a change and do my route in the opposite direction, which meant slightly more uphill at the beginning. The first 10 minutes was ok, then relief of 3 mins walking. The second 10 mins was absolute torture. I think in retrospect the uphill decision was not a good one!

I did manage to keep going, though really I wanted to give in and just lay on the floor at first! I knew that if I did that I would regret it later and the 10 mins I had run already would not count in my mind if I didn't complete the second 10 mins. The rational part of me knows that makes no sense, but the determined, competitive part of me that keeps me going would not hear of it..!

I did complete the 10 mins, with a lot of mental coaching of myself, and made it home too. :-) It was pure determination that got me through, I was exhausted. My calves hated me, and the cool down walk was achy at first, but improved as I went along.

I'm thinking I might do that one again. The thought of running for 25 minutes tomorrow seems a little too much of a challenge. So, Wk6 R2 again, lets do it better!

Do I go the usual way and avoid the uphill start, then call myself a coward, wondering if I can avoid hills for the rest of my running life? Or do I go one of my other routes which has minimal uphill, apart from the 5 minute cool down at the end. (Curse living at the top of a hill...!!)

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Hi arablue,

I know what you mean about R2, I did it yesterday. The first 10 mins wasn't too bad but the only thing that got me through the second 10 minutes was sheer bloody mindedness!! Still that was the way I felt when I did W5R3 too so I'm hoping it won't be too awful tomorrow when I attempt R3.

As for advice about the route I'm afraid that I can't help you as I'm using a treadmill at the moment :o)

Good luck for your next run though.


I'd go for the 25 minute run on the non-hilly route. Seriously the feeling of having run for 25 minutes is far outweighed by the agony!


Well done for getting through it. I see this as a heads up for me, having just completed w6r1 thi evening. I'd say go back to your original route, without apology, and do the 25 mins. I'm sure you can do it!


Week 6 was rough for me with run 3 being the easiest. I would go the non hilly route and try the 25 minutes. You may just very well surprise yourself. Congrats on making it to week 6!!!


Congratulations! You just finished the last session that breaks up the running with walking intervals -- well done! From here on, it's running all the way! (Not counting warm-ups and cool-downs, of course!)

Week 6 Run 2 is on my book for tomorrow. I'm rather excited about passing this milestone myself, and have been disappointed all day long that this is a rest day, not a running day. :-D Soon, though, very soon!


I totally agree with the others, go for it!

I found R2 hard too, but the 3rd run was really good, I chose a different route (flat) and just went for it, even managing a spurt of speed for the last minute. Just don't start off too fast, you can always pick up a bit later on in the run if you want to. It's not about the distance or speed, it's about keeping going for 25 minutes - you already did 20, believe me, you will find this one absolutely fine and you will be on cloud 9 when you complete it!


Hi all, thanks for your support. I did go out to run today, having made sure I drank enough water through the day, and had my pre-run banana(!).

I decided to re-do run 2 of wk6, and I went the usual way round. I managed to find my stride and keep it even, remembering how tough the 2nd 10 minutes was before. Glad to say that I managed both lots of 10 minutes without feeling like crawling. I even kept up a fairly brisk pace on my cool down at the end even though it was uphill. Finding my stride, and getting that good feeling that I could keep going for ages was great! I just needed that boost.

Thanks again for all your supportive messages. That's one of the things I love about this. You never feel alone. Though I must remember to keep my conversation with Laura inside my head. I often find myself smiling and answering back! ;-)


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