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Week 6 Run 1 Found tough


Just got back from this run and I don’t know if I underestimated it or not but I found it probably my hardest run , after doing a full 20 mins run last week I looked at this run and thought no problem, I got through it but didn’t feel comfortable at all, the heat didn’t help but I struggled from minute 1, legs are feeling it now so might leave it till Monday before the next one, on a brighter note it’s the first time I have actually run 5K, good luck with this run everyone 👍🏻

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Oh dear, thank you for sharing this Robert! How long was W6R1 for? More than 20 min?

The heat does not help indeed, this is why I am trying to run in the morning... but today struggled with 2 x 8 min (W5R2), thought run too quickly and nearly didn't manage at the end.

I wish you a quick recovery! And hopefully you will find the next run easier again. Keep us posted!!

robertmark97Graduate in reply to Blackshoe76

Thank you, I suppose we are meant to find it tough anyway but just important to keep going, the run today was 2x 5 mins and 1 x 8 mins so 18 mins, I also added another 5 at the end but probably shouldn’t have , well done on your progress and good luck with W5 R3 as that was a real milestone run for me, I just went dead slow although it’s tough you will be ok, be good to hear how you get on 👍🏻

Blackshoe76Graduate in reply to robertmark97

Thank you! Actually it sounds a bit better than I thought it would be... and yes, by adding the additional 5 min you didn't make it easy on yourself! Still, well done you! Week 6 well commenced!! :-)


Do no this fear - this is a notorious run I promise you! I still remember it catching me out after the success of Week 5 run3 (and I graduated a long time ago now! )

The heat won't have helped either - it's very warm out today. Take that extra days rest and when you head out on that next run - believe that you can do it (trust in the program!) I think this is the stage where that mental game comes in to play - stay positive!

Well done on your progress this far.

Good luck.🙂

robertmark97Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you and well done for graduating, I bet that felt good to complete week 9 👍🏻

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to robertmark97

It did - four and a half years ago and I haven't stopped running since (well apart from a few running-related injuries!🙄)


Seconding Sandraj39 about this being a common toughie. I graduated 8 years ago, kept running and just redoing C25K now, quite the nostalgia kick, and am at a similar point to you (did W7R1 this afternoon) but was waiting for that crafty 'back to intervals' session.

What I would say is that if you are clocking up 5k already you are going at quite a lick. The aim here is running sustainably for 30 minutes, so you could usefully ease off the pace a bit until you've graduated. Most of us do *not* run 5k in 30 minutes by the end of the programme.

robertmark97Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

Thanks for the advice my distance does include the warm up walk as well which I probably shouldn’t include


I found this one tough too, especially as the previous 20 minute run had been ok. Try to look forward to R3 as there are no walks. Found the stop/starts difficult. Good luck

robertmark97Graduate in reply to Dobbo57

Thank you 😊

Me too! Did it a few days ago. I was slower, didn’t make sense and killed my motivation.

You did it, that’s the main thing. Did Wk6 run 2 today and it was better. Only 3 weeks and 1 run to go.

robertmark97Graduate in reply to PartSloth

Nice one , good luck 👍🏻

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