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Stepping stones and coming home

Today's run really didn't go well. On Monday it was frosty, so I put on my base layer with a T-shirt over the top. Then just as I was about the leave I realised it was raining so threw on my jacket, and as I was setting off about 30 minutes earlier than usual, my hi-viz vest too. So I ended up wearing 4 layers. As I left, I knew I'd probably overheat, but decided I could take layers off as I went.

So I set off and had my first attempt at the stepping stones podcast. I found it really difficult and wasn't enjoying it at all. As I ran along the busy-ish country road I usual use, I got to a section where the street lights ended, the trees become overgrown and the frequent traffic disappeared. As I was out earlier than usual, the sun hadnt started coming up yet, and for whatever reason I started to freak myself out. I'd already been struggling with the podcast and my thighs not wanting to move properly, and this was almost the final straw. I decided to turn round as I didnt want to go any further without being able to see around me, and turned my ipod off. And, the only good thing to come out of it was that I ran back up that hill faster than I've ever done it before! I felt like I was in a horror film. The rain dripping off the leaves was making a rustling noise, and although it was all in my head I'd had enough.

So I aborted the run and came back home. I'd done about 3k in total. I'm a little disappointed in the fact that I havent got that exhausted feeling I usually have, however I'm still pleased I got out there and did something. Every little counts right?!

I also had time to think about what this programme's done for me - not only being able to run, but the fact I'm sleeping better, waking at 6am with no alarm and I was losing weight (until I went on holiday). So, I'm not feeling dejected, I went out there and tried my best, but it just wasnt my day today. But I'll definitely be giving it another go on Thursday.

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Ooooh Slater, does sound a bit spooky!! But you are right, 3k is certainy nothing to turn your nose up at; you were still active. I only did just over 3k on Sunday as I just couldnt get my breath but was still pleased with myself for getting out there. I'm sure Thursday will be a lot better.


p.s. Hope you had a good holiday!


Thanks, holiday was great, but ate and drank too much, so I really have to be out there getting the kms in!


3 k is nothing to turn your nose up at! Better than a kick up the derriere. Well done Slater!

I do know how you feel about spooky darkness though, happened to me yesterday at around 5pm... scary, I was the only person in the middle of nowhere! WELL DONE, Delia


Slater, sometimes no matter how much we can prepare, the run will stink. You went out, you tried your best and I bet the next run will be great! I'm not so much afraid of the dark, but I really don't like it either...I start hearing noises and seeing shadows, I can't blame you for running up that hill fast! Best wishes to you for a better next run! Gayle


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