Did anyone else find the Stepping Stones podcast quite slow ??

I've been away on holiday and have been to the gym a few times but it is soooo hot I've barely managed more than 10mins. I thought I'd use the stepping stones podcast to get back to some structure and managed it with very few problems. It felt like the best run I've done as it really helped to pace myself however I ran only 4K where as previously I was running about 4.8K in the 30mins. Are the other podcasts better - if I'm honest this run felt like a bit of a cheat !!


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  • I've just got in from doing stepping for the first time and once I got into it it seemed like my usual running speed and I covered the same distance approx 5k (I varied my route slighty this morning)

    I'd be interested to hear what others think

  • I, like several others, have found the Stepping Stones podcast slower than my usual running speed. I only did it once then moved on to the Stamina and Speed podcasts. Speed is fairly short, but intensive and Stamina is a longer run. I used both once a week for several weeks, with my own music for my long slow run as I was building up distance after 5K..

  • I used the stepping stones and ended up a field short of my usual 30 minute run.( I run around the fields at the back of the house) I have moved on to the stamina podcast and because it is a longer run I manage to get the distance,but it is only the last 5 minutes that actually is my usual running speed. I do like them though as it is good to know how far you are into the run.

  • All the nhs c25k+ podcasts are too slow for my stride. I was nearly running 5k in the 30 mins when I graduated (think it was about 32mins for 5k) and I think these podcasts are designed for people who want to be able to run 5k in 30mins and are a wee bit off this when they graduate. For me, I couldn't see the logic in running slower over a shorter distance, so I abandoned each after 1 try, and am now using B210K, 1 run to my own music, and 1 interval training (a bit like speed but using week 1 of the original c25k so I don't have laura's voice saying 1,2,3,4 at too slow of a pace).

  • > I was nearly running 5k in the 30 mins when I graduated (think it was about

    > 32mins for 5k) and I think these podcasts are designed for people

    > they graduate.

    I did 5K in 32 mins at graduation, but I found the Stamina podcast fine for my pace. I think this may because the slower sections at the start of the run coincided with the initial downhill 0.5km of my route and it was useful to slow down for that. Previously I'd run too fast on the section. The next 3km are uphill and I was going quite slow for that - about the same as the music. The final higher bpm tracks came at the level and slight downhill sections of my route and the pace felt right. So in effect, using Stamina evened out my overall 5K pace rather than increasing it, but that's fine as I wanted to be able to run 5K at a steady pace.

  • I agree, I ran my graduate 5K run in 31mins 30 secs, and then completed a run a week later in just under 30 mins 52 secs. Since then I had a crazy week at work and been on holiday so naturally the exercise has dropped off slightly !! Where did you get the B210K podcasts ?? I can't find them anywhere ?

  • Thanks for all your answers, I'm going to give the speed and stamina podcast a go but as I am virtually running 5K in the 30mins I think parkruns and training for a 10K is the way forward for me ;-)

  • I am a slow runner, and I find the 140 beats start a little slow, and the end 165 bpm a little fast. The rest is normal speed for me. Laura instructs us to make our feet fall under our shoulders, so not to take a long pace, and I think the point of the stamina podcast is to give us the skills to run like that, at those bpms for longer than 35 minutes.

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