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Grrr back injury stops play :(

Started new job, and its my own fault, but have hurt my back lifting up the children and now have to wait til its ok to continue frustrating cos its a lovely day for a run and was all psyched for a 25 minute route, giving the new trainers and long pants a second outing, instead spending the day trying to keep moving gently so that work on tuesday is going to be ok.

Injuries are poopy - that is all

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They are, Titch, and I think about the only drawbacks to running are that we're prone to them and you can't run when you've got one. I'm sidelined too atm. :-(

Don't mess around with your back, though - if it's not a lot better by Monday get some expert advice. And meantime try a nice hot bath and a glass of whatever you fancy - and no lifting! (if possible!)

Good luck :-)


Thanks Mitt, have to rest as back to work on Tues...its a bit better today, slightly less lopsided, took your advice about the glass of something ;)


I know where you are coming from Titch - I have recently been off work for over a week with a bad back and it is really frustrating not being able to run. But you do need to rest it and then get back in the groove gently; back problems are not funny.

Enjoy your next run whenever that may be.



Thanks Sue..thinking next run prob wont be til the weekend now, as i need to be sure its properly healed. Still stiff n sore, been taking meds for pain and inflammation and hoping i can go to work tomorrow.

Will prob tailor the runs too so i can get back into it gently, thinking a week of a 10, then 15, then 20 minute runs should take me nicely back to week 7, and i will re do week 7 then carry on with the plan.

Which would then mean that i graduate during Christmas week - what a gift to myself that will be :D


Happy Christmas Titch!! :0)


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