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Overweight 50 something - pain stops play!


It was going so well but I sort of guessed this might happen at some stage. The distinct pain in the arch of my foot has been getting progressively more painful and to make matter worse I have today cricked my neck.

This has the wonderful effect of turning me into some sort of very badly controlled stick puppet, whilst I have to move my shoulders around in time with my head. Even Bill and Ben have got something on me on this one!

According to the wife I have planty fashy-eye-tus. It was only when I typed into Google that I realised her West Country accent was playing tricks with me again and it was actually something far less interesting.

The article also advised me that it was not to be confused with "Policeman's Foot" which was something completely different. How nice for the police to have a condition named after them when we are stuck with nipple friction ailments.

The it got me thinking that there are of course a whole range of injuries and ailments with name attachments such as Tennis Elbow, Runners Knee and of course the aforementioned Joggers Nipple. I haven't had the pleasure of any of those but I have had Athletes Foot, although that was more to do with wearing nylon socks and shoes that couldn't breath.

It started me thinking to other pastimes with associated names and my mind turned to when I learned to juggle. I suppose Jugglers Wrist sounds a lot better than RSI but soon realised that finding a home for Jugglers Balls could be much more fun.

Anyway, I need to let my foot and neck heal before I can go venturing forth again. All I can say is that thank God I didn't get Writers Cra

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If you're resting up until your ailments have gone, at least post some kind of progress report. Your blogs make me laugh - I'm missing the British humour so much! As I shuffled past a family of deer, all staring at me, I thought of you and your sheep flock! Get well soon!


;) Is "policeman's foot" a flat foot? Because in Italy one of the slang names for a policeman is "piedipiatti" ... flat feet


Brilliant post - love it :))

Its good to look at these set backs with humour, it is all too easy to just give up. Anyway I have been thinking about your predicament and thought the following observation might help keep your spirits up.

Our Rabbits of which my daughters have too, rush about like loonies, jump all over the place and on average live about 8 years. Dogs again run about, chase sticks, bark or yap frantically at anything that moves and often things that don't, they live for about 15 years. Turtles & Tortoise on the other hand, do very little and certainly nothing at speed - they live about 150 years.

Enough said!

Dunder2004Graduate in reply to chalfont_chump

My next door neighbour's cat spends roughly 23 hours a day sleeping on top of my shed. Goodness only knows how long she will be doing that.


Planty-Fashy-Do-da is a common problem as I have no doubt Google informed you.

Rest up a while and see how it is next time, it can go away just as quick as it appears but it can equally be a problem that needs attention. Footwear which is unsuitable (I remember you got new shooos recently) is often the culprit.

What's the latest then, Sakman21? Are you recovered? Don't think you can use a teeny tiny thing like a injury as an excuse to abandon us!

Well, just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, I have now been diagnosed with a compressed disc in my lower back. Possibly caused by excess bags of sugar bouncing up and down!

Down but not out!


Oh no ! What a blow for you !

Oh that is such a shame

Come back when youre ready, you dont get away that easily ha ha :-)

Hope you feel better soon xxx

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