Week 8: Rains Stops Play

Dressed and ready to go this morning, and wanting to get out there to conquer W8R2 but heavy rain in Brussels today, first in weeks. Might just miss a day, but then I've been doing C25K every other day with only 2 blips since early March so can perhaps afford to, having not done any real sport for over 20 years. Call me a wimp but I want to enjoy the experience. What's wrong with that?


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19 Replies

  • Rain is good! It cools you down quite beautifully. Try it! You can wear a peaked cap to keep the rain out of your eyes

  • I like running in rain too. Worth a try. As my mum used to say 'Our skin is waterproof you know..' Also you can stick your tongue out for a quick slurp.. Good luck.

  • LOVE running in the rain ... give it a go, you might be surprised!!

  • Ok, so that's 3 dares. Here's a challenge for 10. If I get 7 more replies this afternoon (from others than these 3 above) : I'll do it! Just to show team spirit and that this community works!

  • Go on get out in it, I've yet to run in rain but I do enjoy a good dog walk in the stuff once I've forced myself to get out in it

  • Go on. Dares ya. At least you'll have a hot shower to look forward to!

  • Just do it!!!!! I love the rain, and the slurp suggestion from Jaqs99 is a brilliant idea. I'm sure you wont regret it. x

  • 4 more dares?

  • This isn't me... It's a secret deputation of 4 other runners, no names allowed, daring you to Get Out In That Rain...,, go on go on go oooon!

  • Jaqs99 you win for sheer effort :) 4 accepted.

    ...back soon

  • Great stuff... And even if it's vile ( which it won't be) you'll feel good for having done it , and you'll know not to listen to dates in the future!!!

  • Well done you. Hope it wasn't too horrid. If it was you'll know to ignore dares in future!

  • Yes do it , do it! ( but you're right it should be fun, so only if you want to ...)

  • oh I really need to know if you did it ! and how it was, love this forum for support and friendship

  • WELL.........how was it?

  • Yes come on- do tell! x

  • It's raining hard here today and I was due to run - I also don't much care for running in the rain (unless it's a very light drizzle). Reading this I was debating whether to go out after all but then my husband got back from picking up our post and my new Pilates DVD has arrived - and I can do Pilates indoors! Might run later if the rain stops. Best wishes.

  • Did W3R2 this morning and was actually looking toward to my first wet run! However, the forecast let me down and I got back before it started.

  • Rain's fun! Give it a go one day. Peaked cap essential if you wear glasses (- screen wipers will make you feel dizzy)

    So go on - JUST DO IT! (You know you want to!) :) :) :)

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