Arrrggghhhh injury stops play :/

So much for my enthusiastic posts..... fell off my pony last night, he got scared and jumped, I wasn't paying attention properly, came off sideways and cracked a couple of ribs :( Gutted isn't the word. I have been so, so careful to follow the C25K programme to the letter so that I didn't injure myself - and now this. I will start again as soon as the really sharp pain has gone but how much fitness will I lose? Will I have to go back to the beginning? Say if I can't run for a week?


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25 Replies

  • Oh no! I' m very sorry to hear that :(

    Don't worry about your fitness now. Heal your ribs properly first! It is the most important now. If you'd rush it, you may make more damage.

    You probably won't have to start from the begining. I had over 3 month break after getting to W5R1 and I started from the beginning of week 3 as I didn't feel confident enough to even try week 4. Remember that I had a week off just last week, after my W4R2. I just continued​ the programme. Today, I've just finished anotger run (W5R1).

    After you heal properly, just try the last run you did before injury. If you feel you're good, just move to the next one ;) if not you can try previous run or previous week to repete, but it depends on the break time. You didn't gain fitness over a week, you won't loose it over a week either ;)

  • Thank you IgaT maybe we are destined to take it in turns to run! That is good advice. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can run again!

  • It is just short (whatever this means) break ;) I wish you speedy recovery! I will be running for both of us ;)

  • Thank you so much! Go IgaT - you will be overtaking me!! xx

  • You gave me strength and hope, now it is my time to return the favour ;)

  • Sorry to hear about that Sal. 😕

    Take the time you need to feel tickety-boo and don't rush your running comeback. Even with a 2 week break you won't lose any tangible fitness and should be able to continue from where you left off.

  • That's exactly what I wanted to hear! I will keep up the walking (or the dogs will leave home) so I guess that will help a bit!

  • Hi and OUCH!!

    I am afraid, if you have cracked a couple of ribs, it will be a tad longer than a week.. more like six..:(

    before you will be completely healed. ( Lots of good info online on the NHS site about this)

    I fell and cracked two ribs in October, and it was three, nearly four weeks before I got out for a 'run'... I fell over a coffee table, not off a pony!

    I hope you have been checked out because it is important to know that the break is clean not causing any damage where it shouldn't be!!! :)

    I felt I was really lucky to have made the progress I did, it took six full weeks when I did this before, rock climbing...or rather falling off a rock face.....:)I was much, my twenties!

    So I knew, in October, what to expect and what to check for, but got it checked anyway as I was older :) and also knew how painful it would be...especially trying to sleep...Hospital... as previously, no treatment... advice... painkillers... do not laugh, cough or sneeze! :) Or run!!!

    I did all the breathing exercises recommended too, as that is really essential to stop any fluid building up in your lungs..... and I did get a cough despite that!

    If you find my post .." And now for something completely different," it does say how I used my elliptical cross-trainer to keep my fitness levels up and to prevent stiffness and general seizing up!

    I used it every day after the initial pain had subsided and I felt more human...

    No resistance, very low impact, and my core strength and leg strength really benefited in those long weeks..and, by the time I got out again for the 'run', I was not as unfit as I expected and a short Irishprincess 'jogette', the slowest of the slow proved okay!

    The post for that is 'The call of the wild' The posts may be helpful to you and may entertain you anyway :)

    It was very, very short and very very steady... I moved on from there...again, very slowly and steadily.

    Don't underestimate cracked ribs, it really is all about time...but don't worry about loss of fitness, there are things you can do, but give yourself a bit of healing time first.

    If this old bird can recover then you definitely will !

    Hope this might be helpful to you... and please, do get checked out if you have not already... and take it very carefully :)

  • Thank you Oldfloss as always you are my guru. I confess I haven't been checked out, (nurses really are the very worst patients!) My lungs are clear and breathing is sore but not painful, the fractures are stable, I have had a good feel, just a tad sharp when I try and lift anything or move too quickly :( I will rest properly, I am pretty tough but I know too well how important rest is. Luckily I still have some strong painkillers left over from a fairly recent hand operation. I will have a read through those threads, I am sure they will be helpful. Again, thank you so much!

  • Oldfloss is right - Get it checked if haven't done it! As soon as possible. It is better to check and be sure everything is fine. Take your time and one day you will be almighty runner wondering how or rather when it happened ;) And this incident will be just another story to tell ;)

  • I'm fine, honestly, it is starting to settle already, it is less painful tonight :) I will rest though, I know the risks of getting going too fast :)

  • Glad you are okay... you will know what is what...just take it steady.. :) x

  • I definitely will, I am just so annoyed with myself, such a silly fall, it really shouldn't have happened! :) x

  • That is exactly what an accident is... you will be fine...:)

  • Oh that sucks! Poor you and poor pony, it's not nice being scared.

    Heal well

  • Thank you, poor pony was very apologetic and sweet today, I think he was rather shocked Mum ended up on the floor!

  • Oh poor old you! Still, it will make a great chapter in your autobiography when you become a famous runner one day. Rest well. x

  • Hahahaha I like that idea :) We may be waiting a long tiime for that! x

  • Ouch! That sounds horrible - I have cracked a rib in the past and it really hurts! Hope you feel more comfortable soon but as others have said, that fitness will soon return.🙂

  • Thank you, it is very sore indeed, I will have utmost sympathy for anyone who cracks a rib from now on!

  • Sorry to hear that, take it easy, take heart from how well Oldfloss did.

  • I definitely will, the acute pain is reducing already so I am feeling a tiny bit more optimistic!

  • 😢 Sorry to hear that and ow! Let them heal properly and don't worry you'll be back before you know it and, as others have said, will retain some of your fitness. Get better soon.

  • Thank you!

  • Oh dear! So sorry to hear that. Oh poo! Injury couch for you! I have visions of you on the sofa with your pony 😀 Rest, painkillers and the dreaded daytime telly. A dose of that will make you keen to get back on the road 😀

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