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I ran 3mins twice - wow!!!

OMG - this is quite incredible! I did my wk3 first run today and was so nervous. I thought about doing wk2 again as I was getting so worried that I wouldn't be able to make a three min stint....but I did!

I feel so amazed at this.......its such a positive feeling knowing I've gotten up and pushed myself and achieved this.

I'm most definitely a very slow jogger. I feel like I may walk quicker than I jog sometimes! Yet I'm doing it.

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Very well done! This program will continue to amaze you run by run, week by week! :-) Don't worry about going slow, there is no such thing as to slow as you concentrate on building stamina. My first weeks, I was passed by several turtles and snails. ;-) Gayle


Beautifully done, tee!! You pushed yourself and YOU DID IT!! It is an incredibly wonderful feeling, isn't it? Enjoy your success and allow it to push you even farther!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Keep Running!! :-)



I am doing that run this morning and feel the same! Im trying not to be negative but am not looking forward to it. Well done x


Hi jeddahpm, hope yuou managed to get thru the run :-)


brill !!!

very well done !!

i know exactly what you mean when you felt that you may have to repeat the week before stepping up. But then you get a grip, bite the bullet and you get out there!! and you did it!!

keep on running teeandtoast, you can do it!



Well done you! Amazing programme isn't it!


Fab! Well done. Like Gayle says, C25k will take you to places you never ever thought you'd go! I was so scared of fluffing W3 and when I did it I had a big grin on my face for days! You can do this (my running mantra).


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