I know it's not graduation BUT I've just done W5R3 :-). I had to run in the city today so no known route but I just followed my nose and ran. Maybe because I had to keep a check on where I was running it didn't feel so bad. Think I'd better do it again on Friday on home (hillier) territory just to make sure.....?? Boy I actually ran for 20 minutes -aren't we all amazing for actually doing this - congratulations EVERYONE wherever you are at in this programme xox


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  • Well Done!! I did this one in a new area, and it was fab accomplishing this run. It is the first where all the previous weeks really start to make sense. Well done again, making this point is well worth celebrating.

  • Hi Caro :-)... it's wonderful isn't it that we can all share these accomplishments with each other. Interesting that you did this in a new area too - it's quite funny really, not really knowing where you're going or where you'll end up!! But yes... everything does seem to be starting to make sense - thanks for the celebration :-)

  • Great! W5R3 is the 'mental' hurdle we all need to get over, I think we've all approached it with trepidation. Well done!

  • Hi Beads - it sure was a 'mental' (literally mental!!!) hurdle - once I was togged up I kept finding other things I needed to do like go to the loo twice, just to make sure LOL!!! Thanks for the encouragement - really appreciated :-)

  • Well done psarapsych! I remember the great end of week 5 feeling well. Don't you wish you could capture it i a bottle and keep it? Hopefully I'll be re.-running your run on Monday and then we can do a double-whammy celebration!

  • Hi Delia... gosh you're right about the bottle :-). Tell me, why are you re-running? I'm thinking of re-running it on Friday in my own area. Soooo, let me know once you've completed and we'll sync champagne corks :-) !!!

  • I was at the end of week 6 when I broke my wrist, so I was out of action for almost 6 weeks. My plaster came off on October 5th and I started again from Week 3. I start Week 5 tomorrow after work! I will run my 20 minutes for the second time on Monday!

  • Ahhh, of course... Oh good luck Delia... having broken my wrist too I know what pain you've gone through. Oh I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes through the ether - GOOD LUCK :-)

  • Thanks Sara!

  • p.s. ooops.. meant to say and thanks for the encouragement, Sara x

  • Well done. It's an amazing feeling isn't it! It's a real leap on this program and I think if you can do this you can do the rest of it. (But don't quote me on that as I'm not finished yet). ;)

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