I just ran 10K!!!

Woohoo! I did it! :D

This morning I was doing the last run of B210K - I was slower than on the previous run but still wanted to do better somehow. Last time I'd managed 5.6 miles in the hour so I thought how can I beat that even though I'm slower? That's where 10K came in! I did it in an hour and 9 minutes exactly - more tortoise than hare but I did it! Woohoo!

Running makes me feel so much better mentally - I've been feeling really down this week and haven't run for a few days either. But now I'm on top of the world! :D


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43 Replies

  • that's brilliant!! Well done - I can't even imagine running 10k!

  • Thank you!!! My face is like this :D

  • Well done! And the time is a good one:- no wonder you're feeling happy :)

  • Thank you :D

  • Congratulations, that's brilliant! :-)

    Can I just ask how long you left it between finishing C25K and starting B210K? I'm just about to graduate C25K but have already signed up for a 10-week 10k running course with a local women's running group which starts May 3rd. Now I'm wondering have I been too keen as I only ran 4.7k in my total of 5.5k in this morning's week 9 run. I hope to graduate this Sunday.

  • Well done Kate, that's fantastic :)

    Like Lunebucket, I'd love to know how long it took you to do B210K?

    CONGRATS :) :) :)

  • Thanks you two! :)

    This time round I went straight from C25K to B210K but I did do C25K a year ago and got some longer runs in. But had to stop for a while. So I don't know if having that 'base' would have made a difference or not. However I know that Carole managed to go straight from one to the other (and then onto a 10 mile plan - mental!) so it can definately be done!

    Good luck with your 10K plans both of you!

  • Brilliant! Might give that a go in a couple of weeks then :)

  • congratulations Kate :)

    so pleased for you. well done. go girl :)

  • Thanks Shelly! I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't posted about it all those weeks ago so cheers! :)

  • Well done - a fantastic achievement!!!

    Half-marathon next????

  • Hahaha I wish! One day though.... ;)

    Thanks a lot!

  • Great job, do you realise just how inspiring you are?

  • Naw that's lovely! Thank you so much :)

  • Excellent work young lady I can't imagine running 10k. But then I suppose few of us thought we could achieve 5k. Dash it - you've now raised the bar!

  • Thank you very much :)

  • Congratulations Kate, that is fantastic. It makes me more determined to keep on running. Perhaps there should be a 10K badge :)

  • Cheers blueboots :)

    I wouldn't say no to a 10K badge - I like shiny things... ;)

  • Well done Kate, that's a great achievement! I'm going to start the bridge to 10k tomorrow......fingers crossed!

  • Oooooh good luck! Just a heads up I found the fourth run section in Week 1 very hard. But once you get through that the rest is easy in comparison. You can do it! :)

  • Well done Kate..very inspirational!

    Hoping to finish c25k friday.

    Can you tell me which bridge to 10k you're using please?

    Going to do 2 weeks of week 9 when i've graduated just to consolidate then onwards to the next plan. Do you miss Laura?

    Well done again.10k in 69 minutes...now there's an achievement!

  • Thanks gypsydepp!

    I'm using the B210K that was on facebook a while ago. The links have now been taken down on there but Carol and Andy uploaded them elsewhere - here you go: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    There are 5 weeks of podcasts and you do week 6 (60 minutes) to your own music.

    I do miss Laura! She always seemed to know when I was flagging and needed a boost. But I think you get used to not having her voice in your ear after a while :)

    Good luck with Friday's run and B210K!

  • Many congratulations and what a lovely celebratory post!

  • Thank you Tapira :)

  • very well done Kate I can only dream of 10k . i cant believe its just a 6 week programme when 5k was 9. i am same as gypsy and graduate this friday but might wait and see what laura brings out in May. Be quick Laura we dont want to miss you too long!!!!

  • Thanks maddykins :)

    It took me more like 8 weeks to complete it but it was worth it in the end!

    I'm looking forward to these new podcasts too. They sound different to the programme I followed so I'll definately have a listen! Hurry up Laura! :D

  • You are amazing! I"m hoping to do a 10K in June but i am expecting to have to walk part of it at least! I'm on week 5 r2. xx

  • Oh wow! Good luck with the 10K! Even if you do walk bits you'll still have done 10K! Wow :)

  • That's fantastic and very inspiring!! I graduated last week and my next goal is to do 5K and then I think 10K so it's great to hear how you got on :)

  • Thank you!

    Well done on graduating! How far off 5K are you? I remember when I first did it last year it took me a while to reach 5K and it took me 40 minutes or so.

  • Thanks :) Yes I think it'll take me around 40 mins also to do the 5K, but hopefully I should be there in a couple of weeks!

  • Good luck :)

  • Wow that is fantastic :) Love reading everyone's success stories....I imagine your smile at achieving 10k is even bigger than the one I had for doing 5k :) :) :)

  • Hahaha the smile came after! At the time my face resembled a grimace :D

  • Fab! I am training for a 10k and it seems like a heck of a way so I am lost in admiration x

  • Thank you very much :)

    Are you using the B210K programme too?

  • No I have downloaded a training programme from Runners World website. I had the best part of two weeks off due to a chest infection so restarted this week.

  • Oooh I hope the chest infection hasn't set you back too much. How long have you got until your 10K? Good luck!

  • Oh how fantastic! Well done!

  • Thank you! Still smiling this morning :)

  • You are very inspiring. I'm only up to 8 k so I have a way to go yet!

  • Amazing - well done!

  • got my first 10k which is a race end of july. im confident and been putting the training in i have had to go solo a few times as my running buddies arent up to the same stage. Im hoping to do it in 60 mins and if i keep on track ill reach my target!!!! PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) helping a lot. im running for the charity Mind

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