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oooooh that was hard today!

Just did W8R3 boy was it hard going I first of all forgot my drink so went back- then got to the gym and left my "ears" behind ears means no ipod which in turn equals no music. Big tip for others don't run with good music - My time was really slow 3.48k in 28 minutes and i HATED every step. Never will i go without my music again- however from wednesday I commence my graduation week ....with my ipod ;)

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WHOO-HOO! Grad week is before you! Savor every second of it! :-) I had a run when my music decided to stop in the first few minute. I prefer to have something blaring between my ears to take my mind off the run. ;-) Looking forward to your blogs this coming week, the best of all weeks, grad week! :-) Gayle


You are almost there!! Can you believe how far you have come since starting this program?? Next week you will run for 30 minutes...3 times!! That is over 1.5 hours!!! Amazing!!

Now, knock out those last three runs and collect that wonderful "Graduate" badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks guys reflecting on my Couch experience when stuck in traffic this morning I feel great no longer sluggish, a stone and a half lighter and smiling inside and out feel and look great ther only thing that can top that is a green badge ....sad i know!


Hi, I'll be with you. Just finished w8R3 today. Decided to run home from work .....broken car and walking to work so decided might as well run instead. Approaching home I had 5 minutes to go so ended up running past home and walking back. My cuppa was calling to me for the last bit. Got a few funny looks at work when I left in dayglo running top and headphones (was also wearing black trackies so no bad mental pictures please!) Wish my weight was dropping like that, well done you and keep running.


Thats brilliant well done Thomasina dead impressed - off for my first 30 min run tomorrow night we'll do it together keep going xxx by the way the weight loss has really just started to shift try switching to organic milk it does make a difference I also swear by porridge made with water and honey on the top give it a try yum !!!


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