W8R2 - that was hard, but woo hoo, survived!

I so nearly walked during my run today. The little gremlin on the shoulder was most insistent! I think part of the problem was that this was my first run with the podcast this week and while the music was considerably better than w7 it was also fast, and I kept finding myself running in time with the music and consequently got really tired. And Laura, who seemed to know what I could do better than I did in the early days, was suggesting I increase my pace a bit once I was comfortable. Ha ha, that was never an option, not consciously anyway!

I could have cried when Laura said there were a whole 5 minutes left - by then I hadn't the momentum to run up a little slope and cross the road to the park so I just ran round the car park a few times, hoping nobody in the gym right next to it could see my pathetic stumblings! In the last 90 seconds or so I got my second wind, a bit late really but it gives me hope that I might be able to run that crucial extra 2 minutes next week to graduate.

Just checked: ran (jogged) 2.35 miles / 3.78 k today.


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  • Nearly there, Sooz - nearly there :thumbs up: Hope the car park wasnae too small - I'm picturing you doing manic circuits of 3 car parking spaces :D

  • I probably did look a bit demented but was past caring at that point, lol

  • Well done, you didn't stop and you ignored your gremlins. As to Laura, I feel bad saying it, but she got dumped in week7 as I couldn't listen to the music any longer and it was easier for me looking at my watch, also I find it easier if I'm not told I'm half way :-)

  • Agree with you about the halfway point, I think I can judge it by where I am on the route, and I absolutely agree about the wk 7 music, it was shockingly awful. I went back to W6R3 instead.

  • I didn't get to hear the W7 music as I had dumped Laura by then, I'm finding my own music much better to run to and also don't like being told 'half way' '5 minutes' etc it just distracts me. I had wondered whether I should go back to Laura for next week W9 to graduation but after reading this I'm not so sure... Some of the music just doesn't match my pace & it'd be sure to throw me out of kilter.

    Well done for getting W8 R2 under your (running) belt Soozz, and I'm sure you'll have another 2 minutes in you ready for next week, remember Laura told us when we push ourselves through a touch run that is when we really gain fitness. :-)

  • Yay Soozz! Wooooooo! Nearly there now. ;) Poor Laura. It seems we've all dumped her in these last few weeks, lol. I haven't listened to week 7 or 8 podcasts at all, and only listened to W6,R3 after I'd completed it to my own music. Although the music has been pretty dire, I found Laura telling me how long was left was the hardest to take. Instant exhaustion! One more run this week (fingers crossed!) then it's onto graduation week for both of us. :O

  • It seems quite unbelievable that we've got this far! I feel I've still got a huge amount of work to do - hills, getting speed up, 5k (I now know I won't manage 5 k for graduation), etc etc etc. but I feel so proud of how far we've come. I know disaster could still strike but have every hope we'll get through w9 ok..

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