Couch to 5K

wow that was hard!

Just completed W2R2! I had no motivation this morning to get up and do it, I really wasn't feeling it but thought no I must push through that feeling and get on with it. I knew if I didn't it would be harder to do it at all. Well I am pleased I managed it but boy it was difficult, much harder than my first run this week. I think its partly due to me not being in the mood and possibly the fact I didn't eat very well yesterday. Just hope that my 3rd run will be a little easier.

Anyone else find the 2nd run harder this week?

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Firstly, well done for getting through it!

For me, even on Week 5, I can have a good run followed by a bad run. As you say, sleep, nutrition, mood, whatever can affect it. Park that bad run and look forward to the next. It was after Week 2 that the pains started to subside for me and I started to enjoy the whole experience a bit more.

Keep up the good work :)


It was hard at first. I used to get lower back ache, shin splints and very achey after a run. I don't get this so much now. I've been running since January so not very long really. I'm still building up. I'd like to try and do a 5K park run and that's a challenge for me. Now and then I still get bad runs when I'm just not in the mood (at first) or just need a little extra motivation. It does get easier and more like habit after a while. I don't get so many aches/pains as I used to at first. My family members are still adjusting to my new life change as well. At least you're getting out there and doing it and that's an achievement in itself. If you find you can't do one session you can always repeat it. I did that a few times. Good luck.


I did w2r2 yesterday, in the daylight for a change but I found the first couple of 90 sec runs really hard. It seemed to get a bit easier once I got going. Looking at the weather forecast run 3 could be in the rain.....


Thanks everyone, its not so much aches and pains its more of just a felling of not being able to continue, I find myself talking myself through it just to keep on running until Laura pipes up and says that's it now continue walking! You would think an extra 30 seconds on what we did last last wouldn't make to much difference, it does! It feels like its the longest 30 seconds ever lol. Will try and eat better over the next couple of days and hope Friday's run will be better :)


I recall finding W2 that bit harder at first but gradually got used to it - I did a couple of repeats. If you are not eating properly, that will pull you down generally so getting back on track with that will help. I'm sure you will start feeling better about it soon. Good luck. Best wishes.


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