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Week 6, Run 3 - Completed, even after a marathon shopping session!

Well that's Week 6 over and done with and I survived! :) Been in Glasgow for the past two days and have shopped till I dropped and covered a lot of miles in the process so I was a little apprehensive about getting home and getting straight on the treadmill. But I thought I would give it a go and see how far I would get - well pleased to report that all was fine and I managed it. Granted my legs are aching a wee bit now - but they did me proud! Oh and I got all my Christmas shopping done as well! :)

Bring on Week 7!

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There is no stopping you, well done and good luck with week 7


Thanks Rolphie. Much appreciated.


Oh Lord, I cant even think about Christmas, that is even harder than this programme in my view! Bah Humbug etc! Well done you though!


You're on the final straight now :)

It's great to get the shopping done without the crowds and queues at the till: I've done mine too and after carrying the bags my arms are now 2 inches longer ;)


Well done! I can't believe you have all your shopping done already! Our two kids have Birthdays close to Christmas and I get totally confused on Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, the hustle and bustle of the season! ;-) I remember when you joined this community and I can't believe you are ready for week7! Run Run Run!!!! :-) Gayle


Christmas shopping is done? Well, that leads me to ask just one question. What did you buy me? :-)

Well done on your run!! You are well on your way to that wonderful "Graduate" badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks everyone for your lovely comments - and Steve I couldn't possibly reveal what I got for you :) !

It does help that I have a reasonably small family and because they live at the other end of the UK to me, I need to be organised so I can get stuff posted. x


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