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Week 6 Run 3 completed

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The children are back in school & nursery and I finally managed to get out in my running shoes and I did it!!! 25 minutes non-stop slow-running.

I didn't have the podcasts today so ran with the app, I quite liked the silence, anything is better than Laura's music! I didn't like the lack of time markers though, and I reeeeaaally missed Laura telling me how well I'd done at the end... still gave myself a pat on the back though ;)

I've no idea what sort of distance/pace is usual for this stage... I'm guessing it varies for different runners... but the app says in the 25mins running and 10mins walking I covered 3.63km which gives a projected 5k of 48.10 mins.

Week 7 here I come !!

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Dunder2004 profile image

Well done Rolyat. Another big milestone.

Rolyat_Adnama profile image
Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

Thank you :)

johnjc8 profile image

Congratulations! It won't be long until you're thinking 5K is a breeze, and you're wondering what to do next :-)

Rolyat_Adnama profile image
Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to johnjc8

A breeze?!?... one day maybe!

misswobble profile image

Never mind the speed, pace or distance for now Amanda. It doesn't matter. You just need to nail those runs and Graduate

That's when the fun starts and you can start thinking about going further etc

Take care, go steady!!!!

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Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks Misswobble, it made me realise how useful Laura is when she pops up and tells you to go slower if you're feeling tired... maybe I should start training that little voice in my head to sound like Laura!

Well done! I've got my R3 tomorrow and can't say I'm looking forward to it!

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Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to CathC23

I wonder if anyone looks forward to the first long runs? You'll feel great once you've done it though :) Good luck, hope it's not too hot for you.

old_git profile image

Well done Rolyat, we knew you could do it!

That projected time includes your warm up and cool down. If you take that off and just look at your running, your projected time will be a lot less!

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Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to old_git

I think I'll stop looking at that bit, no point dwelling on 'projected times' I'll just focus on getting fit enough to run the 5k and get an actual time! Exciting :D

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Good feeling that run isn't it? Well done x

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Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Thank you :)

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Think I may have to get the app as I'd love to know what distance I am covering.... just using the podcasts and a heart rate monitor at the moment (which I find quite motivating to see how hard I am working!! I was shocked to see how the one run I did on a treadmill, which felt equally hard, in reality I was working nowhere near as hard, though I did have a problem speeding up and slowing down on one machine as it had dodgy buttons, had to start again on a second one...)

Well done!

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