Week 6, run 3 completed

I cannot believe I have managed this far! I'm running on a treadmill but have had a few goes at running outside. Still a bit scared to go outside but that's another thing to overcome at some stage. I find it easier on the treadmill as I have my mind set on not giving in and stopping but when I go outside I seem to get to a point and just stop running. If I can get to the end of the 9 weeks then I know I can start slowly getting more confident with going outside. Here's to the next 3 weeks! I never thought I would get this far and be able to say I enjoy it - but I am really enjoying it and the comments from friends are keeping me going.


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  • I haven't tried treadmill but find running outside good for my soul. Listening to the birds, the wind blowing through my hair, the views across the fields and I even saw a rabbit go down into his hole and that was just this morning.

  • Lizie's right, it's lovely outside, and we're just at the start of the best bit of the year! Trust Laura, and keep going! Well done so far!

  • Do you have any views on what is bothering you outside? I find it much more interesting and generally get a better outcome from it..... But pavements / Tarmac are harder on your knees, paths are uneven and sometimes muddy, there are obstacles, people, traffic and wind to take into account. Try to work out what causes your concern and then work on that. Find a route that avoids the point you have been stopping at if you can. Arrange to meet someone at the end for a treat. Good luck.

  • Hi again. I guess my main worry is that my knees will give way. As a teenager I used to run with a club but the my left knee dislocated and it took 15 years before the doctors operated, it would dislocate more frequently and be more painful during the long wait for a diagnoses. So I guess the fear of being out running away from home is what is holding me back. I know my knees are capable but that's from running on the treadmill in the safety of my home, going outside is different and it's so annoying that I can't break the fear. Will give it another go tomorrow just for a short run and see if I can go further than before.

  • I can see why that would be hard to overcome. Paths (grass etc) are easier on the knees than roads / pavements but are also uneven with jarring / tripping risk. Would running wearing knee supports help you to feel more confident?

  • Well done maddicat. That's a lot of runs so far and you sound as if you've definitely caught the bug! I was a treadmill runner and the biggest challenge for me when going outside was getting the pace right. It's so easy to run too fast and then you get tired quickly and demoralised. If you do want to run outside then run even slower than you think you need to and I bet you'll be fine. It is much cooler outside and for me that was a big plus over the treadmill!

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