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it's all about mental preparation

Isn't it funny how even as novice runners habits can play a big part in our mental attitude to running. I am a morning runner, I know I run best either as soon as I get up, or two hours after I have a carb focussed breakfast. Despite all that, and having trouble getting the podcasts to play, I went for a short run just before sunset time today and didnt enjoy it at all.

Didn't have a run plan in mind (bad idea, no objective = no result) andonly got to the 2k mark before I was bored so decided enough was enough. It cold and damp, but no more so than the mornings, but I think too many things changed and I wasn't in the zone.

Put that one down to bad planning and lack of focus on what I am trying to achieve. Tomorrow it's an early rise, an early run, and Laura on Stepping Stones to give me a new challenge. Just 2 weeks till my charity run, can't afford to mess things up now.

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You are so right. I can only run mornings too, all my afternoon runs have been pretty dire.

Especially those in week 8! Maybe it's all the pasta I eat at lunch lol!

Happy running chusan ;-)


How right you are - I also had a huge bowl of pasta 2 hours before the run. I was thinking the carbs might help. Durrrrrrrrhhhh


This makes for interesting reading. I am only in Wk1 but 90% of all my exercise is find late afternoon/ evening, as I wait for my partner to finish work, I fill this time at the gym.

So far, I've had carb loaded lunches to fuel me for what's ahead ( have never really run before)

Tomorrow morning will be my third run of the programme. I'll grab a slice of toast and marmalade an hour before and I will see if I run better by doing it early in the day :)


Have fun and well done in completing week 1. It gets addictive. I think we all find the time that's best for us. I definitely enjoy running pre breakfast more than any other time but you'll find what works best for you. You may be someone who can run anytime. Key thing is to just have fun.


I'm completely different! I prefer to go for my run (at the gym) at around 4pm! It means once I have finished my run I can get back home, cook some chicken and rice, and then eat it within an hour when my metabolism is still quite high! I have made my life a complete routine since I have started the program and I am more disciplined than I have ever been in my life.

On week 4 of the program. Lost 14 pounds since I've started. Strict routine, self-motivation, my conscience, my diet, my love of the burn when exercising - all things that have contributed to my success so far :-)


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