Long,Long ....It's All Long

Hello Folks,

Well it's all long long long now, isn't it!.... We have Longer days, Longer runs, Longer recovery....he he he ☺️

Even the weather is changing for the better to accomodate the longer days. It's nice being able to run in daylight. No more wet, cold, dark nights!

So off I went for another run last night, first time since I started the programme have I wore a t-shirt! Have started seeing many more WPR's (Weather Permitting Runners) out there making their mark now. The run was the normal banter, nothing new, nothing exciting. I think what made it more relaxing was the fact that it was light and still light once I had returned. Being able to see what is ahead of you, knowing cars/people can see you, no foxes! , made it a calmer run.

Last night after the run I sat there thinking of the progress I have made and what I had accomplished. Between week 1 and 3 it was call an ambulance. Steadily progressed by midway the daunting local park became a "walk in the park", and towards the end it was mainly cruise control and improving posture, breathing etc. Nowadays to stop boredom, routes have to be found or created. I'm yet to do a park run but that is mainly due to the lazy side of me not bothering to get out of bed for them.😩😴

Back in November if you had asked me to run 5K or just said run, I would have laughed/brushed/shrugged it off making 1001 excuses not to. I am now happily and confidently achieving 8.5K and plan to better this is in the future.  If memory serves me right, the last time I was fit enough to run these sort of distances was secondary school. Now that's going back a long time, but hey ho everyday is a school day.

Well I guess I'll let you leave and let you get on with what ever you was doing. A little quote before I leave  "Running is not, as it so often seems, about what you did in your last race or about how many miles you ran last week. It is, in a much more important way, about community, about appreciating all the miles run by the runners, too."

Speak to you guys n girls soon.


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8 Replies

  • Hey Saul great quote :) amazing what 9 weeks can do to you and how it changes your life :) 

  • Thank you. It truly is, it's a life/style changing 9 weeks.

  • Hi Saul....good for you!  Can you lend me your energy and legs for a few days and you can use my mobility scooter for an easy ride..haha!!!  Good on you for sticking it out. May the running continue!  Val.

  • I have had my Park Run stuff sorted for best part of a year, but as it's on a Saturday Morning at 09:00 I have still not made one ha ha.

  • Clocks gone forward and they still hold it for 9! lol. How far is the closest parkrun from you?

  • Yes still at 09:00 it's that time all year.

    The Park Run is 3.6 miles away in Victoria Park Warrington, the Cheshire Warrington not the one darn sarf lol.

    Meaning I would have to be up at 08:00 to shower and get some cereal before I went, come on it's a Saturday morning, I don't know 08:00 exists on weekends!

  • I'd prefer an 11:00 run at the weekend but look at Siobhan, up at 4 or 5 am weekend after weekend. Goodness knows how that girl does it. 

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