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W4R2 "It's all about pace!, I think"

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I actually ran or should I say jogged slowly 2 X 3 minutes and 2 X 5 minutes.

I used to get really sad about myself and my attitude towards my own health every time I see a cyclist 🚴 zoom past me or an experienced runner 🏃 scandalously mocks me by flaunting their ability to move faster than me shifting my huge storage of fat reserves that can feed an army if it comes to it. (Or at least that's what I used to think they did a few weeks ago)

It's up to the individual when it comes to living healthy struck me very recently. So I picked up my courage and not wanting to give up after my bad run last week, got out of that door🚪quickly before I start arguing with myself again!


I managed my pace very carefully and remembered for the first time to run in a pace where I can hold a conversation. It changed EVERYTHING. I was able to recover mid run during the 5 minutes sessions and it was glorious!

Watch your pace please. Don't give up!

(Also, I would like to run and not jog. I mean, is that even possible to do for 30 minutes? May I ask how long does it usually take to get there?)


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Hi, Congratulations on completing W4R2!

There is no such thing as jogging! You are running, and you will probably start to run a bit faster as you get stronger. However, there is absolutely no need to go any faster than you are already doing. Keep following your own guidance, and you'll not have any problems!

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nchuncGraduate in reply to corinus

Thanks, that’s a good point that we had to become stronger. I suppose it would take time to do so especially considering I have never had to do any physical exercise whatsoever before 2017.

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It is different for all of us, of course, but for me it was around week 7 of c25k when things began to 'click' in terms of beginning to feel like I could run at a slightly quicker pace without my lungs feeling like they would explode. Of course, I still improved massively from then.

The general advice you see on this forum is very good though. Don't worry about pace throughout the program. Plodding/Jogging is fine and as stamina improves, so does the ability to run faster.

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nchuncGraduate in reply to Dunder2004


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Well done for getting back out there, sounds like you had a fab run today. I agree it does seem to be all about pace, at this stage anyway. I'm at the same point as yourself and had to keep checking myself this morning so that I didn't go too fast too quick. Good luck for Friday x

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nchuncGraduate in reply to first_mate

Thank you. Good luck to you too!

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It takes however long you want it to.

You are doing this absolutely correctly. Your journey, in your own time and at your own pace. You are finding the rhythm that suits you.. you are forgetting what anyone might think or say... you are beginning to enjoy the whole things...which, by the way, is the point of it.

You can take this as slowly as you like... take extra rest days if you feel you need to, and slowly and steadily if you follow the programme you will find that when you reach the 'ninth' week... even if it has taken you longer to reach it, suddenly you can run for thirty minutes.:)

Keep your running steps as light as you can, try and land lightly and not, pound, or bob up and down, but mainly, do what you are doing.

What does the quotation say, "... you are only confined by the walls that you build yourself"..and guess what.. you are smashing those walls right down.

Go you! :)

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nchuncGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

That was wonderfully written.

Thank you very much!

Just want to say Well done nchunc 😊

Oldfloss has said it all brilliantly. Keep going onwards and upwards runner.😊

I feel like I'm the slowest runner ever! My dog rudely WALKS next to my run and my 6 yo speed walks sometimes and doesn't fall behind. BUT it's a JOG for me not a walk so I keep trudging through week 7 currently.

I'm at a 15:00 minute mile but I can jog it for 28 minutes without walking. I've read speed will come once endurance is set. I hope so.

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nchuncGraduate in reply to Jennifersimpson

Thanks Jennifer.

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