Question for all you early morning people

Hi folks,

I've just completed week 2 run 2 and so far ive done a few runs in an evening and a few before work in the morning. I have to admit i am a bit of an early bird and I enjoy the peace & quiet in the morning when im out so i think i may end up with mornings being my usual running time.

I was wondering though what do i do about breakfast? I don't want to eat too much before my run & end up feeling ill but likewise i know your supposed to make sure you have enough energy for your run.

I was just wondering what you all do and what advice you would offer as to the best way to go?

Thanks in advance for your help (o:


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14 Replies

  • I only run in the morning so I have 2 cups of green tea and a banana, when I get back I have a bowl of cereal.

  • I have a cup of coffee before I go out and then breakfast when I come back. I have found that energy levels can be affected by what I've eaten for dinner the night before - pasta is always good.

  • I always have a glass of water and then a cup of tea when I first get up. If I'm going to run more or less straight away I have a banana before I go and my breakfast when I get back (after stretching and showering). If I get up really early and am still a bit tired/not ready to run yet, I have my breakfast first, wait an hour and then run, and have a banana or snack (eg fruit and nuts/seeds) when I get back. Generally I think it is better to give yourself a little bit of fuel (eg. a banana) before running if you haven't had a meal yet that day, and drink plenty of water before, during and after your run.

  • I always run in the morning, but not any earlier than about 8.30. for me a bowl of cereal or toast & a cuppa tea. I always leave it half an hour after eating before I go out & have only once had sicky burps, but that was early on in the plan when my body was getting used to running.

  • I always used to have a banana as soon as I got up, then get ready and go for my run. I say "used to" because I struggle to get up in the mornings at the moment !!

  • I have half a banana & some water (any more than that & I'll feel sick) then I have breakfast (cereal & fruit, including rest of banana, & more water) when I return. Big plus for early morning running is less traffic on the roads so less likely to have to stop running to cross them, in the area where I live anyway, also the heat hasn't built up.

  • I run just after dawn (having been woken up to let out the chickens) and I usually have a small glass of semi-skimmed milk and a handful of strawberries or grapes before the run.

    After the run I treat myself with a couple of poached fresh eggs on marmite toast and a cup of earl grey.

  • I just have a glass of water before I go, then when I get back make my breakfast to eat on the train journey, but eat about half my banana while I'm making it. And drink lots.

    Eating before makes me feel a bit sick, besides I only run for 30 minutes so that food won't get to my muscles by that time, will it?

  • Thankyou all so much for replying. I thought i would be better leaving breakfast until after running and that seems to be the general concensus from your replys so as I go out pretty soon after getting up i think i'll stick to a drink and maybe a light snack before and breakfast after my shower when i get back.

    It's so nice having you all here to ask for advice. I felt a bit of a plonker for having to ask but thought it was better to check than make myself i'll.

    Thanks again (o:

  • I go jogging in the morning, and then have my breakfast when I get to work about 7ish so I give myself about an hour after jogging until I eat.

  • I have a cup of tea plus a bite of banana then after the run come back and have my breakfast.

  • I get up at 5am, put my running gear on and GO! If I hang about for coffee or water or breakfast I start making up excuses as why not to go. Also tried to run a couple of times when I've had breakfast earlier and it felt AWFUL! I hated the feeling, so none of that for me. Empty tummy definitely suits me best.

  • I too just get up and go! But i always try to drink a couple of glasses of water first as i find it makes a massive difference as to whether I suffer from a stitch or not. Sometimes I have half a banana too for a bit of extra energy :-)

  • I'm also straight up and out. Haven't felt any negative effect of doing it that way yet, but always make sure I have a banana and water as soon as I walk back through the door.

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