will the enticement of a visit to the pub on a Friday night win out over run 3?

errrrrr - right then, im supposed to be doing my third run of this here week 3 tomorrow, Friday, after work.

But aren't you supposed to be like, down the pub on a Friday night?

hmmm, got an invite to go down some sherbets after work with the fella and my brother after a particularly difficult week for us all.

so, will i go for a run before I go to the pub? or, do I put if off and go straight there?

now then!! :-)


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18 Replies

  • You know what the trouble with running is Ali? The ice tends to fall out of your glass........

    Whatever you choose, enjoy, but dont do the two together!!!

  • ha ha!! thanks sue. if I ever get to the point of running with a glass of wine without spilling a drop a shall be a very happy bunny !! :-) x

  • Wine works well in a childs sippy cup! :-) No spilling!

  • Now why did I not think of that......! All that wine I have wasted.....

  • woah there!! that sounds like a pro talking!!

    (great idea though! well, that and one of those hats with long dangly straws........)


  • Hmmm...I just "heard" it will work...no experience here whatsoever! ;-)

  • Ha ha that is a skill we would all like to have! Enjoy your Friday night whatever you decide, you could always run Saturday x

  • ooooooh noooooo, thats the thing rolphie2 - im at the hairdressers Saturday morning 9am, and then im out saturday night!!

    im an evening runner not a morning one to.

    basically then, its Friday or miss two days and run Sunday but then i cant do that as Ive got the first run of week 4 Monday???!!!!

    snarf snarf snarf!!!

    will obviously let you know what happens rolphie2 ;-)

    keep on running! alix

  • Run before pub :)

  • :-) indeed!!!

  • Hi AuntieAli, I'd go for the run then go down the pub. That way you'll feel great and better able to relax, have a drink and polish your halo :) I'm off for W3R3 tonight and have felt ok so far this week but feeling a bit wary about W4.

    Enjoy your friday night whatever you do.

  • I like the other suggestions! Run before the pub then go, enjoy knowing you did what you needed to do and can relax guilt free! Being State side, what is this strange drink you speak of: sherbets?? :-) We have a dairy treat like ice cream that we call sherbet. Looks like you have a busy weekend! RUN PUB HAIRDRESSERS and more PUB!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Sherbets is just a term for alcohlic beverages, as is 'bevvies'. Personally, I prefer the slightly more refined 'drinkypoos', lol. It all goes down the same way, whatever you choose to call it though. I save my cheeky vino's for saturday night, when we have Strictly Come Dancing (US equiv = dancing with the stars) and x factor. I do believe that makes three english lessons this week. You will soon be bona fide anglophiles!!

  • I have to agree with the run and then pub folks! Knock out your run and then celebrate with cocktails!! Problem solved!! :-) I would also suggest a bubble bath and a couple of glasses of wine between the run and the pub!! :-)

    Keep running and drinking!! :-)


  • "I would also suggest a bubble bath and a couple of glasses of wine between the run and the pub" - This is what every Friday night should be like! :)

  • Sounds good to me!

  • Well? what did you do? Run then pub, or just 'pub'... or... just 'run'?

  • ha haa!! i ran then went to the pub!!


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