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Run in 30 degree heat or go to the Pub? Yep, I went to the Pub!

It was so damn hot yesterday I couldn't face running. I had spent all afternoon cooped up in the office talking myself out of the run and into the pub. When I actually finished work and got back to the coast, it wasn't that warm but by this time I wanted a pint so off I went.

I decided that I should do the run before work today which turned out to be a good call. It was lovely and cool this morning and I had a great run and managed to knock 30 secs of my PB too! :)

It was nice retracing my steps from my early pre-woods couch25k route. Only this time belting round without stopping, well not quite belting but it felt like that, lol.

The downside is I will have to go back out again tomorrow to get my fix in time to have a rest before the Park Run on Saturday. Oh well I enjoyed them few beers :)


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I think given the heat of late everyone is in the same boat - it's so exhausting doing nothing but sit in the office for 8 hours.

good luck with tomorrow - it's going to be even warmer!!

Happy Running


Beer versus running? Oooh, now THERE'S a challenge!

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I run in the evening as I'd have to run at 5 if I did it before work...Its still so hot and i am so desperate to run...wheres the thunder and lightning!!!


Morning cycling 120-130 minutes before the world wakes. My own time. Whatever works!


i run at 5.45 am before my young kids and hubby are up, very cool then.


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