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Week 5 Run 3 - A bit over the top?

For any passers by in Hook (Hampshire) on Saturday morning, seeing the guy at the side of the road jumping up and down trying to pat himself on the back, that was me and I apologize! I've never run 20 minutes in my life I believe, but with the help of Laura and many folks on this forum, I put my faith in the program and did it, and the sense of accomplishment and elation was terrific. 20 minutes running was hard, and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, but I did and I'm very pleased indeed. Most of all I'm happier, fitter, less stressed and have a better outlook on life.

I find on the challenging runs I get quite emotional afterwards, probably because each time I surprise myself at what I can do. I follow Laura's instructions with OCD based precision, which I suspect has also helped.

Week 5 run 3 seems very daunting, especially as you go from 2x8 minutes running to 1x20 which is a huge jump, which I was baffled by, but it is doable, just start slow, slow, slow :)

Good luck to all other Week 5 ers out there!

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Well done Nick! Week 5 run 3 is a big step up and you should feel rightly proud. Starting to feel like a real runner now!


I didn't see you by the side of the road, but I wish I had !! Well done on your first 'long run'


Well done! W5 was my worst week. Took me forever to do as I changes my route and it was too difficult!

You've got past the first of many long runs to come!

Enjoy W6!


Oh hello you leaping jumping thing ..... careful not to do yourself a mischief with the patting on the back scenario!!! Air punching, that's satisfying, with YEAH oh YEAH to accompany??? Well done you i say!!!

Very good for me to see your post this morning --- i did W5R1 yesterday and Thursday, all things being equal, will be making my attempt at R3 .... by that time you'll be off down the road gaily running thru W6 like a pro ... it's all very good for self esteem isn't it! Love Laura and love the disciplined structure of the programme! Cool Runnings to you :-)


I would have liked to have seen that. Keep basking in the joy & remember that slow, slow slow for week 6. It will work.


Well done, nick. A great achievement. I'll be doing my w5r3 today and I'm a little apprehensive about the jump in running time but you've given my confidence a boost so hopefully I'll manage it, too :)


The (just over) midway milestone well and truly under the belt. Great stuff and good luck with the rest of the programme.


Woooohooooo well done!!!!! Trust the program it REALLY works!!! I'm on my final run tomorrow Week 9 run 3 & no one is more surprised than me! You're doing great & would love to see your leaping with joy xx


Well done Nick! I have literally just finished W5R3 and feel exactly the same ! I too get emotional after each run and I even had a few quiet (happy) tears at Wk4 as I felt so unbelievably amazed at achieving something I have never been able to do before!

I always believed I wasn't built for running as I am 5 ft 2 with an inside leg of just 29 inches and with 10 stone but following Laura's guidance with OCD precision (like yourself :-) ) in the C25K plan has made me see the light and has been remarkably uplifting and rewarding.

I know I can't call myself a proper runner yet but crumbs I am enjoying myself (whoop!!) and its GREAT to hear all the lovely stories like yours as I realize I'm not alone as there are so many of us out there following this fantastic plan!.

I feel unbelievably happy too as I feel fitter and more confident in general and it has improved my outlook on everything so much. It really is quite remarkable isn't it? Through feeling fitter and achieving something great in small but manageable steps I am also beginning to realize, and see, how stressed I was making myself with work and life in general over things that really don't matter in the scheme of things.

Well, I am in the post W5R3 glow and can't wait to start Wk6. I wish all my other C25K under graduates all the best for the following week and look forward to reading your posts as we move on though this together.

Have fun !!! xxx


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