A visit to the Tate Gallery

Afternoon C25kers,

I hope everyone has had/is having a great weekend's running.

I was out enjoying my long run round the streets of London this morning when - and apologies to anyone who doesn't want to read this - I was overcome by the need to pee. Given that I was running past the Palace of Westminster at the time and dodging crowds of tourists, I could hardly nip behind a bush and didn't fancy leaving my route (I was around mile 11 at the time) to go and find a pub or a public toilet.

Being a keen patron of the arts :) , I decided to hold it in as I ran along Millbank and use the loos at the Tate Britain. Now, I don't know about the rest of you but I'm one of those runners who can't stand stopping or walking during a run - I'm the guy you see running on the spot at the traffic lights - which is why I was grateful that the art lovers, security and staff at the Tate were completely blasé and unruffled by the fact that I, for reasons best known to myself, RAN into the Manton entrance of the Tate, up the stairs to the right to use the bathroom, went, washed my hands and then RAN out of the gallery again and back onto Millbank.

I'm sure there are plenty of stories we can tell about making "emergency stops" on our runs (and I look forward to hearing them :)) but my main reason for posting is to ask about the other end of the process as it were - hydration.

I am aware that I should be drinking *during* my long runs, rather than just treating myself to a wolfed-down Lucozade or two at the end but I've always thought that carrying a water bottle looks awkward and ungainly and it seems a shame to carry a rucksack or similar just for a drink - I don't carry anything else on my long runs except cash card and front door key.

So, how do you all do it? Do you carry bottles in your hands, wear a rucksack or bumbag, tie cans to your hat or just stop at the Dog and Duck halfway round?

Happy running,



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29 Replies

  • I don't carry water and never have. Well I tried once and hated it. However, I'm beginning to rethink it as dehydration can lead to your getting injured apparently, according to our footy manager, so I have a water bottle with a hand grip, and when I can run again, will be taking it with me

    I freewheel at traffic lights too !

  • Glad it's not just me! Hope you're back out again soon.

  • I carry water on long ones but it;s a pain in the arris.

  • A very cultural loo stop there! I have carried water for 10K runs in the heat and I don't mind it. I have a Nathan water belt and the bottle sits snugly in the small of my back and doesn't interfere with the running at all. When I need to take a swig I turn the belt around easily. I wouldn't take one on a race though as I think it would slow you down but on leisurely runs then it's great.

    I have read that carrying a bottle in your hand throws your body out of line but I guess it all depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

  • They look interesting. I've got arms like a gibbon so I probably wouldn't need to turn it round! Does the weight of a couple of water bottles bother you much or do you get used to it quickly?

  • I've only got the one bottle (takes about half a litre) and no the weight doesn't bother me. I consider carefully the amount of water I think I'll need as I don't want to carry any extra but so far it's worked for me and did from the very first run.

  • Thanks, I'll do it bit of internet shopping I think.

  • Thanks - more Googling/shopping for me.

  • There are those contraptions that you can get to attach to your plumbing which feeds a small tank strapped to your thigh. But I feel they fill up far too often, especially if you've been on the sauce the night before. I'm not using that thing again......

    Alternatively, you could've just gone whilst you were running. Let it run down your leg onto the street.

    (Did I just actually say that?)

  • I'm afraid you did! :)

  • I think I have led a sheltered life 'contraptions that attach to your plumbing' ? What ? Like a catheter ? I'm going to look at male runners a bit more carefully from now on.....I will be looking for thigh bulges and wet legs.

  • Me too Hen , Blimey I didnt know that things like that existed ! Fancy that ! :-) xxx

  • You could say Dan is taking the...

  • Takes me back to Paris...people pi$$ing everywhere. Did you honestly use a convene for running???? Surely not catheterised???!!!!

  • Naahhhh! I made it up! I'm a bit of a card sometimes Juju...SShhhhh. Don;t tell anyone!

  • I've got the Nathan two bottle belt. I only take it on a longer run and it takes phone keys sweets money etc. It's meant to be non bounce but when I wear it round the back it jumps all over the place. Now I have it at the front it's fine. Must be my shape!!! X😀

  • Interesting, thank you.

  • That had me in stitches... I love the Tate, and I now want to do a run in London JUST so I can do what you did...!!! As for hydration...I use my camel...its perfect as it holds the fluid evenly, there are pockets for sweeties and lipstick etc and its so comfy.... I pop in a SIS tablet for the electrolytes and there is a sucky tube so its easy to drink...love the idea of the Dog and Duck half way round ;)

  • I'm always wondering what to do with my lipstick! :)

  • I thought so, thats why I recommended it :)

  • I hate holding a water bottle on a run - so uncomfortable, even the doughnut shaped ones. And I've not tried back packs or belts but, like you, don't fancy those much either! So I tend to do my long runs in Richmond Park where there are drinking fountains at every gate. And loos (though they now cost 20p! The cheek).

    I did a 10 miler along a canal towpath last summer, without water, and was seriously tempted to slurp from puddles by the end.

  • That is interesting - I wonder if there's a map of public fountains in London anywhere?

  • Well look what came up on the first page of a google search...


  • Brilliant! I feel some route-planning coming on...

  • Don't run holding a bottle Mr Street, it throws the arm action and is not worth it. I use a belt which holds a 750ml bottle, but usually substitute it for a smaller one. The distances you are doing you should definitely take fluids, especially in the heat. Tell me, when you were in the midst of the act of relieving yourself, did you stop running?

  • Only very briefly.

  • Pocket on my shorts is small, can just get car key in it. I have a zipped waist belt pouch which I can put phone & wallet in, but would rather not carry it, sometimes I lock it in the boot of the car, as have iPod strapped to arm.

    Carried a small bottle of water on Parkrun Saturday, as it was very warm, only had a couple of glugs while going round, and some of that missed my gob with the jolting, think I'd rather avoid holding a bottle on those runs, and just make sure I have enough water before the start & have some in the car for afterwards.

  • I have no shame, sorry JuJu, I weed by the side of the road this morning! Mind you, it's fairly quiet around here, not quite central London!

  • Only Paula Radcliffe is allowed to do that around here!

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