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W1R3... Hardest run of the 3


Hi everyone

Hope you're all doing well with your running goals.

Just completed run 3 of my first week... Left it a few days from run 2 because of work commitments and I'm not sure if that's why it hurt so much.

Few fails today which probably contributd to that as well... No where near enough water consumed and I are out for lunch.

Regardless, I completed it and even though I didn't run as far or as fast I achieved 3 runs this week... Very proud of myself.

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Well done you’re doing fab! I find run 2 and 3 harder than 1. 1 you sort of think you can’t do it and surprise yourself. Then when you go 2 and 3 you I feel I can get over confident by thinking I can nail this, almost forgetting how hard it was 😂 Anyway you’re moving on and that’s what matters. 💪🏽


Awesome dude! I don't measure pace or distance, I just go. Well done completing week 1 x

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Hidden

Very wise!

Well done, DaddyInTraining. How’s Dexter? 😉

He's great... Finished week 1 as well haha

lagatachocolateGraduate in reply to DaddyInTraining

Sorry DaddyInTraining; it's all about Dexter now :o)

Well done! 😀👏


I still find one run of each week more difficult than the others.


Well done you... slow and steady as you go:)


So you should be - proud, I mean! Good on yer.


So you should be proud! Well done you! Xx


Hi , glad to hear of your progress I did wonder how you were doing. Well done on your completing week one , and Dexter too, you have every right to be proud of yourself, in fact you should be very proud. My respect to you for going out to run when it’s raining, I know other folk enjoy it. But not this poor old soul , if I’m out and it starts raining ok but I don’t go if it’s already doing it. I had planned on going to a parkrun today but was late getting up. I don’t usually sleep too well and last night I had my best sleep in weeks, so that was a bonus. So at 11am I trotted off with Laura and the C25K+stepping stones podcast. What a nightmare run, I have only done a few runs outside which I usually enjoy but today was so flipping hard going and I only managed 23 of the 30 mins of running, and walked the rest. That young Laura was going way too fast for my little legs!! ( I’m 5ft) well almost! We’re off with the caravan for five days to Wales tomorrow so I probably won’t be running until the parkrun next Saturday but we will be doing some long walks. Enjoy week two go slow and steady forget about speed and distance for now that will come later. Don’t forget to hydrate properly please. Take care

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